Wednesday, 20 August 2008

This mornings walk round the patch was pretty dreary! I found it difficult to find even the most common resident birds, and the only Warbler seen was a CHIFFCHAFF. Some species put on a show though, there were 50 CANADA GEESE with a lone GREY LAG GOOSE, feeding in a recently cropped field of barley, (until the cretin shooter arrived) and whilst at the golfcourse, around 60 HERRING GULLS flew NW. The only other note worthy bird was the BARN OWL, tucked up in his roost (until the tractor arrived to cut and ''tidy'' the nearby fields)
I went out again this afternoon, from 13:00 unti 15:30. I sat over in the fields at migrant alley and witness a short spell of migration with 4 SAND MARTIN (3 and a single), 4 YELLOW WAGTAIL, and 3 SWIFT (2 and a single) . As well as these I added CORMORANT and BLACK HEADED Gull to the day list, which ended on 47.

Above: Pied Wagtail at Migrant Alley

Above: A pair of Ruddy Darters Mating

Above: A male Ruddy darter (having a rest!)


Greenie said...

re. your Common Darters .
Worth checking your shots , as I can't see any yellow on side of thorax and the legs look all-black , and they are very red .
That would make them Ruddy Darters .

Mosura said...

Terific shot of the Pied Wagtail. As for Yellow wagtail, I've never met one. Just Pied and Grey.

Warren Baker said...

Just when I thought it was safe to do my own IDing! Your right of course. Post amended.