Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Much the same goings on round my patch this am, although a CHIFFCHAFF was singing at the college grounds, the first heard actually singing for some weeks.
This afternoon I went to the lake area, and had a look at the adjacent scrub. BLACKCAP, WHITETHROAT and Chiffchaff were all showing, as they fed on the elder berries. A KINGFISHER was vocal, and was breifly glimpsed, a typical view - flying away!
Before entering the tree nursery I stopped to look over the small pool, I found at least 6 Common Darters patroling the edges. In the nursery a Whitethroat was seen and a couple of GREEN WOODPECKERS, and as I stopped and looked up the first KESTREL of the month was overhead, 10 seconds later a SPARROWHAWK came low over, and not even 10 seconds later, a HOBBY came over low! All this drove the local SWALLOWS mad, and 30 -40 went into a frenzied diving and alarm calling. Whilst scanning the sky SWIFTS were again in good supply, at least 30 were wheeling high up.

Hobby, followed the Sparrowhawk.
Sparrowhawk followed the Kestrel

Here's the Kestrel

Whilst at the lake area, I checked the Buddlea, there were at lest 8 of these Peacock Butterflies there.

One of a number of Common darters seen on the small pool

Last of all, a HOUSE MARTIN. It was sweeping down low over the carpark of the Greenhouse Complex.


Greenie said...

Warren ,
Great set of photos .
My favourite must be that really crisp Peacock .

Warren Baker said...

Thanks greenie.
Butterflies always make for good photo's. Wish all my bird pic's would turn out as well!

Adam said...

What a fantastic shot of the House Marting - I@ve tried photos like that but just ended up with pictures of the tarmac!


Mosura said...

Those Swifts must be getting itchy feet (wings) about now. We had a swift nest in our roof every year. (at least I assume it was the same one) Amazing birds!

fishing guy said...

Warren: I would like to see one of those Peacock Butterflies, they are really special.