Wednesday, 13 August 2008

A brief respite in the showery, blustery weather this am, enabled me a 4 hour visit to the patch. not much was happening at all on the first part of the walk, the highlight being a MISTLE THRUSH, which gave a short burst of song, the first one seen since the 3rd of the month.
Things were little better on the farmland part of the walk, until I saw a WHEATEAR at Migrant Alley, the first one this autumn. ( One was seen on the 11th by my friend Pat. Her patch adjoins mine to the north, She was trespassing on my patch, and found one at 14:30. I was there at 15:00! where was it then ?)
Shortly after, as I passed the Stables, I heard a WILLOW WARBLER singing from a lone Elder tree. This is the first one i've had on my patch since the 8th of June.
At the college grounds, a KINGFISHER flashed past - again - but I had no chance of photographing it. Also at the college was a Migrant Hawker, the first one I have got a pic of, also a few Blue taled damselflies were about.

Above and below, my first Wheatear of the Autumn - Migrant Alley comes up with the goods again!
Below is a Migrant Hawker, a Male I believe.

Below - one of the Blue Tailed damselflies. stunning blue eyes!


Mosura said...

Love the Wheatears and also the way those polite victorians renamed it ;-)

Steve said...

well done with the Wheatear Warren. Nice photos.

Greenie said...

Warren ,
Spot on with the male Migrant Hawker ID . The female is overall brown with yellow markings .
Like the Wheatear pictures .

Warren Baker said...

The Victorians invented political correctness!

Cheers steve,
I enjoyed your pics today too.

I remembered what you told me about the pointed bit at the end segment!!

Simon said...

Some nice sightings today Warren. Welldone.

fishing guy said...

Warren: Congrats on your Wheatears find, Those are some nice dragonfly capture.

Warren Baker said...

Thanks fishing guy!