Thursday, 28 August 2008

Same Weather, same birds! Everything seems to have come to a standstill migrant wise. This morning there were a few HOUSE MARTINS on the overhead wires at the horse stables, just a dozen or so, probably all local birds.
A trip round the tree nursery and migrant alley didn't hold any surprises, a COMMON WHITETHROAT, and 3 GREEN WOODPECKERS were at the nursery, along with the usual WRENS, DUNNOCKS and ROBINS. The hedgerow leading to migrant alley has plenty of blackberries and elder berries, but not much eating them! Just a lone CHIFFCHAFF was found. Migrant alley had the local flock of LINNETS, a dozen PIED WAGTAILS were very active, and I am sure I heard a YELLOW WAGTAIL call as it flew over, but I wasn't sure - the starlings on the power lines seem to be mimicking the wagtail calls! A large female SPARROWHAWK flew across the fields, and put up everything, ROOKS, Linnets, Wagtails, Starlings, all went into panic mode, the smaller birds went into the Maize crop for cover. A single CORMORANT flew overhead, as did a GREY HERON, but that was about it for today.

This pristine, freshly moulted COAL TIT was in the garden later on

One of the 100's of rooks going over

Above and below are a couple of Small White Butterflies, the only butterfly species seen today.

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fishing guy said...

Warren: That Coal Tit is so nice, we call them Chickadees. The Small White Butterfly is really the main one I have at home.