Friday, 5 September 2008

Apart from half an hour this morning, during the walk to work, I was kept off my patch by persistent heavy rain. So I spent a pleasant couple of hours this afternoon watching the garden feeders, and the fields to the front of the house. A list of 26 species was achieved, 14 of them visited the feeders, amongst the usual finch's and Tits, I spotted a BLACKCAP - a new garden tick for the year, bringing the total to 34. It was feeding on the elder berries, the very reason I leave the elder tree to do it's own thing is to bring in the migrant warblers. A peak of 22 GREENFINCH, and 14 COLLARED doves was counted, but just one HOUSE SPARROW, and late on 3 STARLING. The NUTHATCH and COAL TIT paid a visit, and a CHIFFCHAFF nearly came in, but it got caught up in a chase with a BLUE TIT, that led it away.
I'm hoping for some improvement in the weather tomorrow morning, the first full walk round my patch this month is eagerly anticipated - fingers crossed!


fishing guy said...

Warren: It is nice to see a new bird, I do enjoy the photos of your different birds.

Greenie said...

Warren ,
Good luck in the morning , tomorrow can't be as bad as today - can it ?

John Young said...

Hi Warren, not a good day today all round. Not too sure about tomorrow though. I may try Grain again although I think it is going to be very windy.