Tuesday, 9 September 2008

It was actually quite sunny this morning! A pleasant walk into work for a change. At least 6 SANDMARTIN passed over the Greenhouse complex, going south, but migrant alley was not forthcoming with any migrants this morning.
This afternoon I walked back over to Migrant Alley, now becoming a daily routine! Alas as soon as I got there it started raining, I sat and waited for a while but the rain got heavier, and I got wetter, so having seen nothing anyway I went home again to watch the garden.
I noted that a BLACKCAP was again in the Elder tree, eating the berries, but shortly after a SPARROWHAWK came in, missed its GREENFINCH target, and sat up in the large leylandi tree. I opened the window and sent him on his way, 20 minutes later it was back again, I opened the window and flushed him out again, 10 minutes later it was back once more!! Well that was the end of the garden watching. the rain was less heavy by now, so I went back out to migrant alley, as i entered the fields 3 YELLOW WAGTAILS went over going south, promising start I thought. I got up to where the Whinchat and Wheatear are best seen, and what was there ? A bloody Sparrowhawk, sitting right on the fence! No wonder the Yellow Wags flew off. I wasn't going to get any migrants today, especially as the Sparrowhawk came back, it flew low over the fields and squeezed between the wire mesh squares of one of fences, I measured the square at 8cm, some bit of flying, especially as it was a big female. I stayed and watched the sky anyway, and was pleased to find a lone SWIFT, a new species for the month and one not anticipated. Also another HOBBY flew over, but too fast for my camera.

Above : A CHIFFCHAFF on his own supply of ''Fuel'' for his journey south
Above is another shot.

Above is a pic. of the PIED WAGTAILS all lined up on the greenhouse complex where they roost. The bird in the middle, on the apex is in fact a CHAFFINCH, which was seen off.


Greenie said...

Warren ,
Nice one with the Swift .
Today's Hobby must be related to the pigmy Shrews on your patch .

fishing guy said...

Warren: Your birds have such unusual names.