Thursday, 4 September 2008

The first YELLOW WAGTAIL of the month flew over Migrant Alley this morning, it was flushed up from the sheep pasture by the shepherd and his dog. Little else was noted, a CHIFFCHAFF singing in the college grounds, along with 2-3 calling GOLDCRESTS.
Heavy blustery showers made this afternoons walk an uncomfortable one, the wind blew the rain into a fine spray, covering my optics - annoying me somewhat. However there were brief, brighter intervals when I could come out of hiding and try to find some birds, of which there were more about than yesterday. I only walked round migrant alley, but found 15 or so PIED WAGTAILS with 9 LINNET and a single GOLDFINCH feeding amongst the horses. In an adjacent paddock the second Yellow Wagtail of the day was found, I got some pics of this one, I had to creep through the scrub at the end of migrant alley, to get near enough to photo it. As I did so I noticed a well grown fledgling WOODPIGEON on its nest, or a Squab, as it is known. It sat quietly waiting for it's parents to feed it, lets hope it doesn't wait in vain - the shooters were about again.

I had a quick look through the records for last september and saw that Yellow Wagtail was seen on 3 days, the last on the 12th. Wheatear was seen virtually every visit, and the first meadow pipit of the autumn arrived on the 9th. I Also had a Stonechat on 3 days, a rare migrant on my patch. So there's lots to keep an eye out for still.

Above is the 'Squab' waiting for a feed.

Above and below is the Yellow Wagtail. It looks like a different bird in each shot, due to the different direction of the light.


Greenie said...

Warren ,
I wouldn't call a Yellow Wagtail - bugger all , like you told Simon .

Warren Baker said...

I meant ''Bugger all'' for the 3rd!

Steve said...

Any inland Yellow Wag these days is a good record Warren!