Monday, 1 September 2008

The opening day of the month proved an unremarkable one. September can be a good month on my patch migrant wise, and the total species list for the combined Septembers is 81, so it should be possible to see a varied assortment of birds - just not today!
The walk to and from work was silent, apart from the ROBINS, they have found their voices again these past few days. This afternoon I walked to the lake, just a dozen MALLARD there, with DUNNOCKS, Robins, BLACKBIRDS and the mix of Tits in the scrub area. I walked back through the tree nursery, nothing here but 3 GREEN WOODPECKERS, and the small pool of water just up from the nursery had just 2 MOORHEN on it, picking a living from the ever diminishing water level. Up the hedgerow leading onto Migrant Alley I again wondered why nothing was on the berry laden Elder and Blackberry bushes, however I did see a SAND MARTIN go over, battling against the strong SW wind. I looked over the hedge and across into the Barn Owl roost, but it wasn't home. Migrant Alley was all but empty, even the usual LINNETS were few, only the SWALLOWS and PIED WAGTAILS showed in any number. It can only get better from here on!!

Green Woodpecker at the tree nursery
Empty fence posts at Migrant Alley.


Boulmer Birder said...

You know, I do like the look of your patch. Fancy a swap? Although maybe it wouldnt be such a 'local' patch then...

Greenie said...

Warren ,
After hearing so much about Migrant Alley , it was good to see it for real .
Like the juvenile Green Woodpecker shot .

fishing guy said...

Warren: Now that is one woodpecker I've never heard of. That is a pretty bird.

Warren Baker said...

Boulmer Birder,
The grass is always greener....... I follow your blog, and wish I could get some of the birds you get!!

I was struggling for a pic. yesterday, glad you thought M.A. pic was adeqaute!

Fishing Guy,
They are indeed impressive birds, and you should hear them call!