Saturday, 6 September 2008

My hope for a dry visit for this morning was dashed within half an hour! Frequent heavy, blustery showers made conditions difficult for finding birds, there were however brief 'brighter' interludes, which I had to make the most of.
As it's my first full walk round of the month, I did the usual count up of all birds seen. Over 600 individuals were counted of 44 species, the most numerous were -: WOODPIGEONS, 70 were counted, STARLINGS with 68 seen, closely followed by CANADA GOOSE - 67 were feeding in a cropped wheat field. There were also plenty of ROBINS a total of 30 were seen or heard. All my counts are on the conservative side, as I couldn't possibly locate every bird, but over time trends can be picked out of all the numbers.
Three new birds for the month takes the total over the 50 mark, they were BARN OWL, a HOBBY, and a TREECREEPER, Bird of the day was another YELLOW WAGTAIL at Migrant Alley, i'm doing well for these scarce little birds this autumn.

Above, a Robin. They always pose nicely for a picture. Pity I couldn't get it in focus!
Above is the Yellow Wagtail, a good Autumn visitor for my patch in any year, but they are turning up frequently this year.


fishing guy said...

Warren: How I love your Robins, they are so beautiful.

Warren Baker said...

Fishing guy,
they are very popular birds here, a common species, that will sing all year round, even on the most miserable of days