Thursday, 11 September 2008

I left for work this morning expecting the now autumnal, morning chill, but as I opened the front door it was pleasantly warm, with no wind. I didn't find any migrants at migrant alley though. I think they wait until the insects are up and about, before arriving at the paddocks, a theory borne out by the fact that when I went over for my afternoon visit there was a WHINCHAT and a WHEATEAR present, with a flyover YELLOW WAGTAIL it didn't drop down for a feed, now the horses have all been moved, there is probably less insects to be stirred up for them. Also seen flying over was a flock of 18 CANADA GEESE, and a little later 4 GREYLAG GEESE.
I didn't see any Hobbies today, in the two hours I spent out, but as I was leaving a SPARROWHAWK flew low and slow over the maize crop. It was being harried by 5 PIED WAGTAILS. This always makes me laugh, the wagtails throw their ''chisick chisick'' alarm call at the hawk, and the hawk moves off because it's cover is blown, but the wagtails believe they scared of the intruder, and return to their feeding in great a triumphant bounding flight.

Whinchat in the Maize crop above
Above: Wheatear and Whinchat pass the day

Above: Another angle on the two pals.

Above: A Wheatear (Yes another Wheatear photo, but I just love 'em)

...So here's just one more!

Above is the Canada Goose Flock that went over.


Adam said...

Hi Warren

Great photo of the Wheatear and Whinchat together! You've had a productive autumn for both species, is this your best ever in terms of Whinchat/Wheatear days?! Hopefully James texted you - like buses he got 5x Whinchat on Monday after a visit to Oare/Dunge after waiting years to see one! I've yet to get Whinchat on the patch so fingers crossed for tomorrow.


Kingsdowner said...

Can never get too many Wheatears!
Hobbies like them too apparently - they are taking quite a few around here this autumn.

Mike - Fenphotography said...

Cracking shots Warren.

The Bald Birder said...

Hi there Warren
Most envious of your chats - you're certainly doing well with them. Is this an annual thing that you expect each year?
Was also interested in the Wagtail roost - I assume (always dangerous I know) that it'll build up over the Autumn and then continue until Spring. What sort of numbers do you get up to and what crop are they over (assuming again that they are roosting over a crop)? Regards, Ross

Warren Baker said...

Bald Birder
In answer to the Whinchat question.
I always hope for a Whinchat siting each year, but it's not a certainity. Some years I have recorded just one bird. The best year I recorded five together. All my sightings but one, are Autumn records.
As for the Pied Wagtails, last Oct. there were over 200 roosting inside the Greenhouses. I counted 200 but I surely missed a few ! I'll count again this year.

fishing guy said...

Warren: Those are some great bird captures today.