Saturday, 13 September 2008

This morning was foggy and damp (see above!) The fog didn't start to burn off until around 09:45, so I was well into the second half of my walk before visability improved. in the conditions only 33 species were seen on the wooded part of my patch and around the lake, but I did hear a YELLOW WAGTAIL go over Ashes Lane, from the direction of the golf course.
Once the sun had burnt through the fog, I was nearing the end of my walk, and was in Migrant alley, I sat and wachted for a while, I could now add SWALLOW and HOUSE MARTIN to the list but no Whinchat or Wheatear appeared from the gloom. However, another 2 Yellow Wagtails flew over, and 3 single Meadow Pipits. As I got up to leave, a SEDGE WARBLER was seen on the edge of the Maize crop, a good species to add to the months list!

I wasn't happy with the mornings sightings, so another hour was spent out in the Paddocks from 13:00. It was warm and sunny now, a few Dragonflies were out, and White butterflies. Another Yellow Wagtail flew over, and I flushed up a SKYLARK from the Maize crop - the first this month. As I watched a SPARROWHAWK going over, a KESTREL also came into view, but best sighting was a BUZZARD ? I think it was a Buzzard, it looked long winged and flew a bit different, but I had limited views, as It kept itself between me and the sun, and then spiralled up and away SW.

Above and Below: Sedge warbler in the Maize

Below: A Dunnock, also in the Maize Crop

Below: a Common darter

Below is the probable Buzzard.


Greenie said...

Warren ,
Re. last post , Darter positive Common , with as you say yellow markings on thorax . Immature Ruddy Darters MAY have yellow on thorax , but they disappear with age .
Great shots in both posts , really like the composition of first on this post .

Steve said...

Lots of Honey Buzzard passing through Warren so keep looking up! If anyone will get one its you! as you say your Buzzard sp. looks 'different'

fishing guy said...

Warren: We had a lot of rain for a few days, it seems we will dry out now.