Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Another rain interrupted afternoon made for a shortened patch visit this afternoon, i'm getting seriously fed up with this weather now! I was out just half an hour before the first of the torrential downpours forced me back home. This month should be filled with interest, the first Damselflies, more new butterfly species emerging, fledgling young to be found, as well as the usual birdlife........its all going to pot now!
The first of the downpours, the next one was mainly of huge hailstones!
So rant over, there was not much to report again today, one thing of interest was noted on the way to work this morning though, the first COAL TIT fledglings were seen in the College Grounds, at least 3 were being fed by both parents, last years first Coal Tit young weren't seen until June 12th! A REED WARBLER was a surprise find as I hurried home to avoid a soaking, it was heard, then seen briefly in the hedgerow bordering Ashes lane from the Tree Nursery, not time to admire this scarce bird for my patch - the rain was upon me again!

Both KESTRELS were seen at Migrant Alley as I walked home from work, also a BUZZARD was noted flying up from the Tree Nursery, thats about it!
The photo's below were taken at the weekend, when the weather was a bit kinder......

Large Red Damselfly


ShySongbird said...

I'm completely fed up with it now Warren! We have a short enough time when we can expect good weather in this country and this year it's just slipping away from us :-(

I love that Robin :-)

As for Odonata, I haven't seen any whatsoever!

Greenie said...

Warren ,
I went out once things started to clear , or so I thought , and the only thing I got was wet , just like yourself .

Warren Baker said...

Just had one of your ''Sparrowhawk Moments'' One of the young Starlings is now warm and dry................inside the Sprawk!

Photo's tomorrow - not as gruesome as yours though :-)

Warren Baker said...

How long can this go on for, the wildlife is starting to suffer now, caterpillars for the tits are in short supply, and what is there gets washed from the trees :-(

Marianne said...

Well, tomorrow's forecast is good...! Great Sparrowhawk pics, and thanks for posting the damsel, it's a real beauty. So far this year I've seen one dragonfly and three damselflies. On 11 May last year I was photographing Beautiful Demoiselles on your patch!