Friday, 11 May 2012

At last a bit of decent weather has arrived, making for a much more enjoyable couple of hours out on my patch this afternoon, and a nice surprise was waiting in my garden when I got home from work, a newly fledged STARLING was being fed from the fat feeder by both parents.

 Although it was a bit on the windy side at times, making it feel a bit cool for Butterflies, I took a chance and brought the smaller lens out with me, I did see a few Orange Tips, and Small Whites in the Tree Nursery, but they didn't hang about, birdwise in the Nursery, two WHITETHROATS sang, a couple of GREEN WOODPECKERS broke cover and cackled their way off into the distance, and LINNETS, SONGTHRUSH, DUNNOCK and BLACKBIRD were all seen carrying food for their young.

I paid a visit to the Lakes and Scrubby Wood, checking up on the two JAYS nests as I went, they both were occupied by the female birds. I also found the COOTS with their two young, but not a single thing was on the water with them. In the Scrubby Woods, it was a little quiet really, but thats the afternoon for you! BLACKCAPS and CHIFFCHAFFS were the only summer migrants singing, hopefully more will be heard when I get there for an early visit tomorrow. A few butterflies were about, more Orange Tips and Small Whites mainly, but it was good also to see a male Brimstone, and at least three Holy Blues, a couple of Speckled Woods put in an appearance, as did this Peacock, the only species to sit and pose for me today  :-)
Peacock Butterfly
I searched the trees and bushes for any newly fledged birds, but didn't find any, and I didn't add any species to my May list, which is floundering a bit, just 60 species so far, that puts it in last place out of eleven ! Still plenty of time to increase that though  :-)

Not much happening then today, but it was just good to get out in some sunshine! Here's the photo's of the first fledged Starlings of the year from my graden
Hungry fledgling Starling

Re-fueling fledgling Starling
Happy fledgling Starling  :-)


Anonymous said...

The young Starlings should be out here soon, Warren.
Great set of pics of em, too.

Warren Baker said...

Hi Dean, Cheers mate.
Its a bit worrying that there was only one fledgling, seems the broods get smaller every year.

ShySongbird said...

I'm sure some would consider one of your 'quiet' days to be quite busy Warren :-)

Lovely, heartwarming photos today. The young Starlings always seem to open their beaks extra wide. Lovely to see that sunny Peacock too.

Have a great weekend Warren. The rest of May doesn't look too good again!

Marc Heath said...

Only one, that's not good, lack of food due to the weather of late I wonder. Hopefully the good predicted weekend weather will bring out the insects they need.

kirstallcreatures said...

Great pic of the feeding fledgling

Greenie said...

Warren ,
Can hear the squawking of that juvenile from here .
Hopefully get some butterflies over the weekend .

Marianne said...

The Starling's a beauty, I bet it makes plenty of noise to make up for being an only child :)