Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Oxe-eye Daisy, my first of the ''summer''
Yet more overnight rain only slowly died out during the day, to leave the latter part of the afternoon dry with a few bright spells, but at least it felt a bit warmer today!

Being a bit warmer, and with the odd glimpse of sun, I went over to the Tree Nursery this afternoon with the thought of finding some Damsel / Butterflies. The first thing I saw upon leaving the house was a HOBBY, it was right overhead, but it circled off into the sun, so i only got a crappy photo, plus I had the smaller lens on for Butterfly photography  ;-)
Once in the Tree Nursery I made my way around the perimeter, looking for insects, I only found one Butterfly, that was a Green Veined White, but I also found a Large Red Damselfly, and also a Common Blue, the latter being an immature one, so i'm not that sure of its ID.  :-)
Green Veined White
Immature Common Blue Damselfly
Whilst chasing Damselflies I heard the WHITETHROATS, probably three pairs are in the nursery, plus I heard the LESSER WHITHROAT, overhead one of the KESTRELS hunted, and up to a dozen SWALLOWS were zipping around, with a couple of SWIFTS higher up, just passing through.

After not finding too many insects at the Tree Nursery, I had a look around the Greenhouse Grounds and Migrant Alley, but not much was happening here, a HERRING GULL flew over, and I watched the female Kestrel go into the nest box, a BLACKCAP was singing, plus another Whitethroat, whilst out on the paddocks it was mainly LINNETS, Corvids and WOODPIGEONS, with a pair of MISTLE THRUSH.

This CHAFFINCH was seen collecting nesting materials as I searched the Wooded Headland for Turtle Doves, of which none were seen.
On the walk back home along the lane, I risked my life for a SONGTHRUSH photo, taking this shot from the middle of the lane, the traffic does speed along here!


ShySongbird said...

Nice to see that cheerful Ox-eye Daisy Warren and the damsel and flutter. It almost looks like Spring...how odd I could have sworn it was the middle of Winter here!

Lovely Song Thrush, not sure you should have been loitering in the middle of the road though!

Warren Baker said...

I'm always loitering somewhere I shouldn't be when in persuit of a photo :-)

Jason K said...

Hobbies and damselfies...its a sign summer is on the way! And summer can only mean one thing for us patch bloggers...Invert time!!!!

Greenie said...

Warren ,
I know that lens feeling only too well .
Thought I might have got a damselfly at NH today but no .

Rohrerbot said...

Nice shots. I've never heard of a Hobby before. Birding is hobby:) But it looks like an interesting bird. More heat....more butterflies. Love it!

Anonymous said...

Not a bad day in the end then, Warren.