Friday, 18 May 2012

I only got out for half an hour this afternoon, it was cloudy with a cool, fresh wind blowing, which blew in pulses of heavy drizzle, absolutely dire weather for finding any insect activity, or birds for that matter, dispondency got the better of me, and I sloped of home for a cuppa, but i'd run out of milk so I was double dispondent!

Sightings in my half hour visit, which only took me to the Tree Nursery, were the two pairs of WHITETHROATS, 3 GREEN WOODPECKERS, a flyover HERRING GULL and a few passage SWIFTS. This month seems to be going the same way as April did, with missed patch visits, and rubbish weather, I just hope its dry for tomorrows full patch walk, and a few new monthly species turn up, I still haven't seen Yellowhammer or Nuthatch this month, never have these species gone unrecorded in May. The May list itself is bogged down on 63 species, only 3 Mays have a poorer total than this, and they were in the early years when I worked full time and patch visits were fewer.As for the year list, well my target of 109 species, which is the mean for the last 5 years, is looking decidedly optimistic, it having reached only 95  :-)

Here's the last of the photo's taken over the course of last weekend, the last time the sun shone  :-)
Juv. Starling
BLUE TIT from my garden  :-)


ShySongbird said...

What a disappointment this Spring is and not even a cuppa to cheer yourself up with Warren! Do you remember the noose we used to pass around? I can't remember who had it last, I think it was either you or Dean but at this rate I might just need it soon :-(

That lovely little Dunnock looking full of the joys of life is very cheering though :-)

Rohrerbot said...

I wonder what the birds think about all this rain nonsense!

Jason K said...

At least you managed to get some decent photos in a rare moment of sunshine Warren! Love the juv Starling pic

Warren Baker said...

Ive got it! I texted Dean earlier today and told him I was going to hang myself :-)