Saturday, 12 May 2012

At last some sunshine for a full patch walk! What a difference a bit of sunshine makes  :-)  Still a bit chilly in the wind first thing, but i'll take that over recent days.

Bird song was a bit limited in the cool of the morning, or had I missed it it all, I didn't get out until 06:00hrs, the SONGTHRUSH, ROBIN, BLACKBIRD, WREN, DUNNOCK, MISTLE THRUSH, CHAFFINCH, and WHITETHROAT were all heard though as I walked down Ashes Lane towards the Greenhouse Complex and Migrant Alley, where singing from another Whitethroat and a BLACKCAP were heard, whilst overhead SWALLOWS were feeding and a few parties of SWIFTS moved through, small groups of five- ten birds moved through throughout the morning, with them was the odd HOUSE MARTIN.

Migrant Alley had 7 CANADA GEESE and a flock of 35 LINNETS on the paddocks and pasture, the wooded headland had a LESSER WHITETHROAT singing , but no Turtle Doves there as yet. Moving into the College Grounds I heard the first CHIFFCHAFF of the day, but a treat was in store here, as I found the first SPOTTED FLYCATCHER (95, 61) of the year, good to see they have returned to this traditional breeding site  :-) This species is the last summer migrant (that breeds on my patch) that I can expect now, any other summer migrant will be just passing through, and represents a bonus bird for my patch year list. Such a bird appeared just ten minutes later, when a REED WARBLER (96, 62) was heard, then glimpsed as it moved about in a small patch of phragmites, and I mean small, just a couple of square meters of this precious habitat!

The Wet Woods, Lakes and Scrubby Woods were all searched, and 8 more species were added to the day list, they were TRECREEPER, JAY, LONG TAILED TIT, GREYLAG GOOSE, MALLARD, COOT, PHEASANT, and STOCK DOVE. It was very disappointing however not to hear a Garden warbler, Turtle Dove or Cuckoo on such a fine morning, the latter should be calling none stop by now, I hope the one recorded in April hasn't decided to move off to better pastures  :-(  Coal Tit and Bullfinch also went unrecorded today, as did two birds I thought I'd have on the months list by now, Nuthatch and Yellowhammer.

A BUZZARD, and a KESTREL made the daylist up to 47 as I walked home, but no Sparrowhawk today, should have been an over 50 species day today - must look a bit harder tomorrow!
Plenty of photo's today - i'll save some for when the weather reverts back to default mode ( wet and dull!)  but here's a selection from them.
Robin - not had one brighten the blog for a while now!
They're back!  Spotted Flycatcher, I love 'em  :-)
Spotted Flycatcher
Common Whitethroat
This was an interesting find at the Greenhouse Grounds - a swarm of honey bees


Lancashire and Lakeland Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris said...

Moving along nicely now Warren - Hoopoe for the ton up? But what happened to 95?



Warren Baker said...

Oooops Sorry Davo, Typo error, must have been the excitement, hate to think what i'd type if a Hoopoe turned up here! :-)

Serrah said...

Do you mind if I re-post this on my blog?

ShySongbird said...

Well done on the Spotty Fly and the Reed Warbler Warren :-)

Beautiful photo of the Robin!

There was a huge Honey Bee swarm in our garden a few years ago. A local bee keeper removed it free of charge and a few days later returned with a jar of honey :-)

Lancashire and Lakeland Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris said...

Hoopoe booked for you; just to see your typos ;-)



Warren Baker said...

I dont mind at all :-)

Warren Baker said...

Thanks again for your kind words, you spoil me :-)

Warren Baker said...

Look forward to that :-)

Rob said...

Warren, You've got one in stock for a Christmas card with that Robin!

Marc Heath said...

Nice one with the Spot Fly, at least you got the camera on to it.

Greenie said...

Warren ,
As you say it was really chilly early on , but good to see the sun .
You certainly made the most of it and some great close ups .

Rohrerbot said...

Wow!!! Great shots today. The Robin, Flycatcher, and a swarm of bees!!!! Impressive. Hope you have some more sunny weather this week.