Sunday, 13 May 2012

Baby bunnies in the sunshine  :-)
The first two hours of my patch walk this morning were shrouded in fog, making for a frustrating time! By 08:00hrs the fog had burned away, leaving a clear blue sky for the last two hours of the visit.

It was mostly as you were on my patch, the daylist reached 48, one more than yesterday, but a few different species were found, two LESSER BLACK BACKED GULLS were one of those species, seen going over heading SW, along with a HERRING GULL. Another species not seen yesterday, or in fact at all yet this month was a CORMORANT (63), it flew rapidly NE, and makes the May species list a little more creditable, the total of 63 being the 8th best May from eleven, the LITTLE OWL showed up on the guttering of one of the Greenhouses again, last seen there on the 7th.
Little Owl on the Grenhouses
The CUCKOO was another bird seen today that didn't get seen yesterday, one female bird called its ''bubbling'' call as it flew over the Tree Nursery towards the Wet Woods, but no males were heard this morning, quite strange really. The first TURTLE DOVES have arrived at the wooded headland, to the north of Migrant Alley, one was heard to sing from there, while another sang from the Scrubby Woods later in the walk, so thats probably two pairs on patch, they weren't heard yesterday. A SPARROWHAWK made up the last of the species that didn't get noted yesterday, that makes the weekends birding total up to 53.

Yellowhammer and Nuthatch still elude the May list altogether, while Coal Tit and Bullfinch haven't been seen all weekend. The SPOTTED FLYCATCHER that arrived yesterday at the College Grounds was found again, and all but one of the other resident breeding summer migrants put in a appearance, LESSER WHITETHROAT, COMMON WHITETHROAT, SWIFT, SWALLOW, CHIFFCHAFF, and BLACKCAP, the Garden Warbler was the only no show.

Other notables seen today were a BUZZARD over Migrant Alley, also one of the KESTRELS was up hunting, and a single SKYLARK sang over the Greenhouse Complex. The COOTS are making a good job of bringing up their two remaining offspring, and both the JAY nests were occupied  :-)
Didn't get that many photo's today, as the fog ruined the best of the light, and by the time it cleared the light was too fierce pleasing me is there!    :-)
Wren again
Another cute baby bunny shot, just to end where I started the post  :-)


Marc Heath said...

Lovely Blackcap shot, well presented. The Little Owl is not bad either.

ShySongbird said...

Talk about the aahh factor in that first photo :-)

Beautiful photos today Warren and I'm very envious of your owl sightings, I rarely find any!

Greenie said...

Warren ,
Bunnies and goofy looks .
Some people will go to any length for a shot .
Nice one .

Simon said...

Lovely cute bunny shots there Warren! Great to see all the summer migrants coming in!

Marianne said...

That's a good morning's work :) I'm sure this May has a few more in store for your list as well. Any Odonata action on your patch yet?

Christian said...

Love that images of the Bunnies Warren. Lovely stuff.

Bob Bushell said...

Brilliant images.