Friday, 3 August 2012

A few bits and pieces were seen around my patch this afternoon, nothing out of the ordinary, but it did stay completely dry though  :-)

In the Tree Nursery I tried to photograph some Butterflies, but it was too windy again, species seen there were Meadow Brown, Gatekeeper, Essex/Small Skipper and a nice Peacock, not much of a selection really, I would expect more.
Peacock Butterfly
A stop off at the run off pool at the bottom end of the Tree Nursery was made, to check up on some Damselflies, I only saw two species, one was the Blue Tailed, but the other was a first for the year, up to 6 Red Eyed Damselflies were found out in the middle of the pool, out of range for the camera, but I got some record shots for my Odonata folder, I was surprised by the fact I could quite clearly see their glowing red eyes from 5 meters away! EDIT: I have been e-mailed to say this could be a Small Red Eyed Damselfly - thanks Terry. Anyone have any thoughts ? looks like a good candidate for one to me!
Red Eyed Damselfly or Small Red Eyed Damselfly ?
Blue Tailed Damselfly
It was good to catch up with the YELLOWHAMMERS in the Wheat crop at the Pub Field, a pair were seen here, they may even be breeding in the boundary hedgerow. Two BLACK HEADED GULLS (45) flew over whilst there, joining the August list.

Over at Migrant Alley it was much the same as the past weeks really, GOLDFINCH and LINNET were seen in small Groups, the odd PIED WAGTAIL was about plus the usual large flock of mixed Corvids and WOODPIGEONS. As I walked a circuit of the pasture and paddocks, a flock of 26 CANADA GEESE (46) dropped in and settled down among the sheep and another species joined the August list when it called from the nearby Greenhouse Copse - a PHEASANT (47)

My 40 minute sky watch produced views of the KESTREL family, and a single BUZZARD, with a few HERRING and LESSER BLACK BACKED GULLS heading south, plus just one SWIFT was seen high up.

I'm looking forward to seeing whats going about on the first full patch walk of the month early tomorrow, I should be able get the months list up to the low 50's   :-)


Rohrerbot said...

Love that Peacock!!! What a gorgeous butterfly to have around.

kirstallcreatures said...

Nice Peacock pic Warren,and great sighting of the Red Eye Dfly, although I cant offer any help with the ID.

Marc Heath said...

I agree, small red eyed for me. I reckon I can just about make out part of the 'x' marking on the tip of the abdomen.

Jason K said...

Looks like Small Red-eyed to me too Warren...nice find mate!

Mike H said...

Warren, I tend to agree with Marc, if you magnify the tip of the abdomen you can just make out an X . Any other photos showing it clearer?

Greenie said...

Warren ,
Absolutely no doubt on your Small Red-eyed Damselfly .
Your side on shot shows the best ID feature of the species , with segments 10 & 9 being blue , PLUS the underside of segment 8 .
Had it been a Red-eyed Damselfly , segment 8 would not show any blue at all .

ShySongbird said...

Good to see the Peacock Warren. With a bit of luck we should see a fair few of them in the next few weeks.

I hope the Yellowhammers are breeding in that hedgerow!