Sunday, 5 August 2012

Today's full patch walk was a bit of a write off, dense fog didn't clear until 08:30, so that ruined the most productive part of the day  :-(

The fog did clear eventually to leave some sunny spells and light showers, which allowed for me to finish my patch walk, but the lateness of the visit meant that only the regular species were to be found, however it was good to watch a HOBBY (52), the first for August, chasing the SWALLOWS over the Greenhouse Grounds, no fun for the Swallows though  :-)

The family of newly fledged BULLFINCH were again seen at the College Grounds, as were a newly fledged couple of SPOTTED FLYCATCHERS, these were from the pair that lost their first brood in the dismal summer weather, good on them!

Not much else noteworthy to report that I didn't see yesterday, I eagerly await the first Autumn migrant to visit, Willow Warbler, Sand Martin, Whinchat or Wheatear are all possible, fingers crossed!

The first LITTLE OWL (53) of the month can be heard from my study window as I write this post at 16:00hrs, a bit early in the evening!
Spotted Flycatcher - another batch  :-)
Spotted Flycatcher - Sibling of above
Yet another batch of MOORHENS!
This is one species that have done well this year :-)


ShySongbird said...

Lovely little Spottyflys and as for the little have to laugh :-) How nice to hear an owl from your house.

Good to see the Green Woodpecker on yesterday's post and the Chiffchaff trying to look invisible.

Pete Woodruff said...

Great to see your Spotted Flycatcher 'youngsters' Warren. Always good news with one or two to add to the decreasing population.

The Hairy Birder said...

Cracking shots as always Warren and Hobby and Bullfinch are quite scarce in my 'neck of the woods'!

Rohrerbot said...

Those Moorhens are so ugly; they're cute:) As for fog, I do like it occassionally but on a regular basis I think I would go made especially since I use my camera all 100 percent of the time to record the hike:)

Alan Pavey said...

Great set of pics Warren.