Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Still not feeling 100% today, I went into work but came home early, and spent the rest of the day watching the garden feeders. One good thing came of the walk into work though, I found my first LONG TAILED TIT (60) of the month, at least 15 of them were in a mixed feeding flock at the College Grounds, also in the flock were BLUE TIT, GREAT TIT, GOLDCREST, CHIFFCHAFF, a singing WILLOW WARBLER, and at least two SPOTTED FLYCATCHERS   :-)

The garden watch was quite successful, with the likes of BLACKCAP, NUTHATCH and GREAT SPOTTED WOODPECKER joining the regular tits, finch's, COLLARED DOVES, STARLINGS, ROBINS, DUNNOCK, BLACKBIRD and even a HOUSE SPARROW turned up! Most surprising though was finding two very recently fledged GOLDREST noisily begging for food amongst my honeysuckle!

Three flyover GREY HERONS were a nice sight.

Hopefully this virus i've picked up will be gone tomorrow, and I can get out for a decent visit.
A half hour session in my shed with the camera provided me with todays photos of a Great Spotted Woodpecker
Great Spotted Woodpecker


ShySongbird said...

Goldcrests in the Honeysuckle?!! Plus the other goodies too! Goodness me Warren, you don't really need to leave the garden at all :-)

Lovely photos of the GSW. Maybe some of the Goldcrests soon?

Hope you feel much better tomorrow :-)

Warren Baker said...

The Goldcrests were just three feet from me. Alas they were in an inaccessible place to photograph them :-(

Marc Heath said...

Top shots Warren, very nice indeed.

Jason K said...

Hope you feel better soon mate!

Im suffering from lack of migrantisis of the patch at the mo. Still woprking it near daily but it's so dead I don't feel it merits blog posts!

Rohrerbot said...

You're still a trooper for getting out there:) Love the woodpecker shots. Feel better!

An answer to your hummerbird inquiry. Sorry I didn't answer sooner....today has been BUSY!! I have meetings at the University bla bla bla....no birding:( Many of our hummers are only here for the summer and then they head back down to Central America, Mexico or South America. And for some reason they are all migrating right now at the height of the season which is August in Arizona. So if I don't get them now, I'll have to wait until next year. I will also be going back to the Amazon next year during the summer for some exotic hummingbirds in the South American region. Big lists of "to do's" which is the best part of birding.....and I've found more but the Starthroat keeps evading me.....the bug bites are killing me! because it hangs out in isolated areas.

Warren Baker said...

Its good to hear that its the same on other peopls patches, began to think I had the only migrantless patch!

Warren Baker said...

You're not the only one suffering from the ''bug bites' the mozzies are rife here this year.

Interesting to hear about the Hummers, good luck with them :-)

Christian said...

Very nice WP on natural perch.