Saturday, 25 August 2012

Not much time was spent out on my patch today, mainly due to me not feeling too good ( Again!) Also some heavy showery rain moved through the area for most of the morning, making things difficult, I did get out early, but only for half an hour, that time was spent at the Greenhouse |Grounds, where I found a group of birds feeding around the discarded reject raspberries, which were rotting away, providing a multitude of insects for at least 4 WHITHROATS, 2 BLACKCAPS and 4 CHIFFCHAFFS, also a family of WRENS, a couple of DUNNOCKS, a BLACKBIRD and a SONGTHRUSH.
A wet, bedraggled and moulting CHIFFCHAFF above the rotting fruit pile, I think I felt like it looked !

One of the Wren Family at the same pile of rotting raspberries

Later in day, I went for a walk around Migrant Alley and was cheered by the sighting of another WHINCHAT, unfortunately it didn't let me anywhere near for a photo!


Marc Heath said...

I know how the Chiffchaff felt this morning, I looked kind of the same without the wings and feathers.

Pete Woodruff said...

Poor bedraggled Chiffchaff, I think we all know how it felt.

So this is the end of your first week off and your'e not feeling too good, but the Whinchat would have cheered me up too.

Hope you've improved by tomorrow Warren.

Ken. said...

Sorry that you wasn't/aren't feeling too good. Nice photo of the Wren feeding at the strawberry patch.
Always nice to see a Whinchat

Jason K said...

Hope you feel better soon mate.

P.s. that Chiffy looks well and truely fed up!

ShySongbird said...

Poor old Chiffchaff and poor old Warren! Sorry to read you are feeling below par again....sending another big hug :-)

Warren Baker said...

Thanks Songbird,
I didn't really let the chest infection I had two weeks ago get better, now I'm suffering with it again :-(