Thursday, 16 August 2012

I spent most of the afternoon and evening wandering various parts of my patch today, but with little reward, mainly due to just about everyone who owns a lawn mower, hedge cutter, brushcutter or strimmer being out as well!  This is the trouble with afternoon visits on my patch, sometimes it's just too busy with people tidying the wild areas  :-(

The best sighting of the day was in the relative quite of the walk into work, when I heard, then spotted a LESSER WHITETHROAT (61) working its way along the stringy half eaten hedgerow at Migrant Alley, at least with the hedges being heavily grazed by sheep and horses means the Warblers cant easily hide from me  :-) At last then, 60 species have been found for the month, a poor return for 16 days, in what should be a very species rich month, things don't seem to be moving much yet.

Tomorrow is my last morning at work, then I'm off for two weeks, I can at least get out early on most of those days, plus visit a few local reserves to remind myself that there are other birds out there!


The above photo was the only thing that caught my eye while out, I took it this evening at Migrant Alley, a bit distant, but it made me smile  :-)  Look at all those flies in the photo, just waiting to be gobbled up by a Yellow Wagtail!

It was getting a bit dark when I arrived home, but this NUTHATCH was still making visits to the Sunflower hearts, I can never resist trying to get a shot of them, even in the poor light  :-)

By the way, I have started a gallery of all the birds photographed on my patch, some are nice photo's others are dire! It will take a bit of time to get them all on show, but I have made a start. They will appear in alphabetical order and ive added 'B' to 'C' so far. To see the gallery click on the link ''Pittswood Bird Gallery'' on the list of pages at the top right hand side of this page  :-)


Marc Heath said...

2 weeks holiday, I think that's what I've got left as well. I think you have picked a good time, there should be a few good birds around.

Warren Baker said...

Hi Marc,
I should get the year list up to 100,surely, just one to go!

Rohrerbot said...

The two shots you have today are great. Different from the poses of the birds. I like the one of the Starling on top of the sheep? Wonderful find....and Nuthatches are always difficult for me to capture up close and with food in the beak:)

ShySongbird said...

Hi Warren, the Nuthatch is a beauty and I smiled at the Starling on its comfy perch among the flies :-) The Yellow Wags love Draycote because of the huge amount of flies there.

I enjoyed looking through your bird gallery which you have obviously added to since you wrote your post. You certainly get some goodies on your patch.