Friday, 10 August 2012

An hour out in the hot and humid conditions this afternoon was about all I could handle, but it was worth the sweat, as Migrant Alley produced a couple of Migrants, first off a WILLOW WARBLER was in the wooded headland to the north of the paddocks, while on the paddocks themselves was an immature WHEATEAR (57) just as I started to wonder if any of these smart little 'chats' were going to turn up  :-)

I also came across the LITTLE OWL again as it rested in a Hawthorne tree on the edge of the sheep pasture, not a bad little trio of sightings for an hour out. I'll get out again early this evening once the heat and humidity die away. My visit last evening wasn't very interesting, just the Little Owl was of note.
Distant Wheatear

Wheatears can be pretty approachable sometimes, allowing for a decent photo, like the one on my header taken this spring, but todays bird wouldn't allow any sort of approach.

The same can be said for the Little Owl, today's bird just allowed a couple of photo's before heading off into deep cover.
Little Owl


Phil said...

I can feel a change in the air Warren, as can the birds I think!

Rohrerbot said...

Now that Little Owl is one cool catch.

Jason K said...

Nice one on the Wheatear Warren...still not had a sniff of one round here!

Greenie said...

Warren ,
Can't believe the Wheatears are on their way already .
Just one more butterfly species , Brown Hairstreak , and that's them over for another year too .

Anthony Miners said...

Great header and lovely Little owl image.

Warren Baker said...

Brown Hairstreak ? More chance of a Brown Bear here :-)

Chris said...

That little owl is sumptuous! Would love to see one again!