Monday 30 November 2009

There was just enough time to visit the small holding, wet woods, and lake area, before dusk set in, mind you it never really got light all day here.

I thought I might just sqeeze out one more new species for the last patch visit of the month, but it wasn't to be, everything is very static at the moment, mostly due to the unchanging, warm and wet weather that has been with us throughout November.

I did manage to find five tit species, GREAT, BLUE, COAL, LONG TAILED and MARSH, which is always nice, four Finch species CHAFFINCH, BULLFINCH, GREENFINCH, and GOLDFINCH as well as the two WOODPECKERS GREEN and GREAT SPOTTED. There were very few 'winter' birds about, four overflying FIELDFARE and a flock of 15-20 SISKIN were in an Alder tree by the lake. On the lake itself I was surprised to see three CORMORANT fishing, but not much else, 5 MALLARD and 6 MOORHEN, fewer numbers than of late.

I got good views of a TREECREEPER in the small holding, but the poor light prevented any photo's being taken.

Looking at the November stats, the month ended on a total of 63 species, the second best November in the 8 years of recording, the combined November total is now 78, the second lowest total, but it is shared with Jan. and Feb.

November, despite its poor weather and my illness, did throw in some treats, my first November Ring Necked Parakeet was recorded, and two other species never recorded in November - Little Grebe and Coot were a nice addition, especially the former, as it was a year first.

Looking at the average number of species recorded for all Novembers - which is 57, this Novembers 63 compares well. However, 68 is the average number of species I have seen per month this year. What will December bring ? One thing for sure, the record December species total of 73 is extremely unlikely to be broken, as it's the second best monthly tally of any month in any year, but there's no harm in having a go !!


Chris said...

No Harm in having a go for sure but tough enough!!! I'm amazed to see you speaking of 63 species in November! My total for november might be around 26!! We are living in a different world ;-)

EP Andy said...

Good month though Warren despite the weather and ailments. Thanks for the daily reporting during all that apalling weather, you've kept me posted whenever I've been away from home. Much appreciated.

Mind you that northerly wind has set in now so may bring some more interesting stuff in. Keep warm and good birding. Sod this weather for a lark I'm off to Oz for four weeks birding next week so I'll keep you posted when I can.

Anonymous said...

I never counted the number or variety of birds I have seen but they all come into my back yard. And one mallard hen duck so far.

ShySongbird said...

Never mind Warren, it's having a go that's fun and I'm darned sure you saw more than most people, an excellent tally I think. Now all of December to look forward to and I've just had a peek back in your archives and was totally unsurprised to see that you still went birding on Christmas day last year ;)

Warren Baker said...

Not a different world, just a different country!

Xmas day birding is the best day of the year - there is nobody else around!

Anonymous said...

I`ll second that, Warren. Xmas day birding is a must. Or is it that i can`t cope with all the mess left by the kids presents ;-)

All the best for the December tally.