Tuesday 30 August 2011

Back to work today, but the walk in had the antidote for that, when I found yet another WHINCHAT at Migrant Alley, then a few minutes later the shrill calls of YELLOW WAGTAILS rang out as at least 5 left the paddocks, it was hard to see them against the grey sky.

The walk back home was equally as exciting, the Whinchat had become two!! Whilst in one of the paddocks yet another WHEATEAR was feeding, brilliant :-)

After something to eat I was back over at Migrant Alley, where I managed to photograph the Whinchats from a distance, but the Wheatear wasn't having any of that today, it stayed out in the paddock. Whilst there a SPARROWHAWK went over, sending the mixed GOLDFINCH/LINNET flock diving for cover, around 60 birds headed for the nearby wooded headland. Another two raptors were seen a little later, a BUZZARD and a HOBBY the latter was shadowing every move of the Buzzard, until finally they circled out of sight. Two more Yellow Wagtails called as they went over, and a large flock of HERRING GULLS were circling around just to the NW of my patch, I scanned through them, hoping that it was an Osprey that had put them up, but it turned out to be a Buzzard - maybe next time :-)

After an hour I walked over to the Maize crop at the pub field, and then into the Tree Nursery, but very little was seen, just a WHITETHROAT, and my fourth raptor of the day - a KESTREL, of any note, so I ended up back at Migrant Alley for another half an hours Sky watching. I was hoping for a Lapwing to fly over, to add to the months list, or maybe a Harrier ( well I can hope!) but neither did, I think last years record August total looks pretty safe now on 78, as I'm still four behind with just one more day left.

Above and below - Whinchat, a double Whinchat day, excellent indeed :-)

Below is a record shot of them together

Another fence sitter was sighted from my sky watching seat, this GREEN WOODPECKER, I took this photo, then tried to move a bit closer, but as soon as I stood up it was off!

Back home, the garden was brimming with GREENFINCH's :-)


Jason K said...

A double-Whinchat day...thats just greedy Warren!

I had a double-Redstart day today :-)

Warren Baker said...

Jase if a double Whinchat day is greedy a double Redstart day is justplain glutinous!! :-)

Greenie said...

Waren ,
Nice Whinchat shots , especially the double .

Bob Bushell said...

Beautiful Whinchat photos, you get so many.

Lancashire and Lakeland Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris said...

Double whammey whinchats - double nice



Pete Woodruff said...

Luv all this Whinchat'ing Warren, really rewarding seeing them isn't it. And the garden 'brimming' with Greenfinch is excellent news about a species with problems.

Anonymous said...

I`m gobsmacked, Warren. You`re really taking the piss, now ;-)