Saturday 13 August 2011

Early rain had me postponing my full patch walk this morning, I got as far as the Tree Nursery and Migrant Alley before conceding it was just not worth the effort :-) The only bird of note was a flyover TURTLE DOVE

Late morning, it brightened up a bit, but by then the birding activity had subdued and I was left to chase the butterflies in the tree nursery, a couple of WHITETHROATS were seen, and lots of Gulls kept taking to the air from just off my patch, but continued checking of the sky amongst them didn't show the cause of their anxiety, which I had hoped was a large raptor !

A last ditch effort to save the day was made, with a mid afternoon walk over to the fields and paddocks of Migrant Alley, but this was aborted prematurely, due to one of the stable lot walked no less than six dogs around the fields and paddocks. As I watched from the footpath, the dogs were seen to run uncontrolled all over the place putting up the LINNETS, STARLINGS and a couple of SKYLARKS, then they turned there attention to me, and came running all of 100 meters at me, I climbed up on the 5 foot high paddock fence and dropped over the other side, which stopped all but the biggest dog, it merely bounded the fence and proceeded to jump up at me barking all the while, I let loose some shouting of my own at the selfish dog walker, but as ever, she showed no concern for me, not even a 'sorry'. One day it will be a child or more vulnerable person who s assaulted by these wretched animals, maybe then something will be done, these footpaths are for everyones use!!

Sorry for the rant today, but I didn't have much to report! :-)

Anyway here's a few pics :-) Below is a STARLING feeding on the Elder berries on my well stocked tree in the garden

Below are a couple of the butterflies seen in the Tree Nursery, first a Common Blue

Then the Small Copper, I also saw my first Brown Argus for August, but it didn't stay for a photo.

This Gate Keeper came into my garden during one of the sunnier spells, not a common visitor to my garden, but since I put out some pots of Marjoram, I have had them visit more frequently.


Phil said...

Don't apologise Warren, it sounds like a legitimate rant to me. I've been on the end of some assaults from dogs myself in recent years. It isn't nice.
On a happier note, nice pics, haven't Gatekeepers done well this year. We too had heavy rain this morning, I slept through it:-)

Bob Bushell said...

Lovely butterflies you have taken.

Greenie said...

Warren ,
A very iffy day indeed .
But you did get some good butterfly shots . That male Common Blue looks pristine .

Warren Baker said...

Hi Phil,
You'd think one would be safe from the 'low life' out in the countryside, but it seems it's not just the cities that have the dis-respect nowadays.

Anyhow, yep, your right about the Gatekeepers they are almost as prolific as the Meadow Browns this year :-)

Warren Baker said...

That Common Blue was indeed a fresh one, I followed it for ages waiting for it to open its wings, which it never really did fully :-)

Marc Heath said...

You done well to getsome sun today by the looks of things. I watched the other day at Reculver when a dog walker let her big Labrador chase a seal pup on the beach, seeing we were happily photographing it. Not a sorry at all. They need a big kick up the arse!

Rob said...

Good results under trying circumstances Warren. Not a Small Copper to be seen here - all sent to London perhaps.

Tim James said...

Another fabulous series of shots, Warren. I particularly like the Common Blue – such a perfect composition. The behaviour of the dog owner (it's always the owners, never the dogs) was disgraceful. With pet ownership comes responsibility and in this case none was on display.

Anonymous said...

Nothing but imbeciles, Warren. Can`t understand why people have dogs off leads, when they know what they`re like.