Friday 28 October 2011

As yesterday, today was a dull, damp, and cloudy day, very uninspiring!!  Still, I made the effort and went round for a full patch walk, collecting 43 species in four hours, but with some notable species not turning up, it could have been better, the likes of Pheasant, Coal it, Grey Heron, and once again Greenfinch were not found today, where have all the Greenfinch gone ?

There were some nice species recorded however, a GREY WAGTAIL flew over the Tree Nursery, where 6 MEADOW PIPITS rose from the rough grass before dropping down again once I had passed. Whilst in the nursery 8 FIELDFARE with a lone REDWING flew over, as did a few LESSER REDPOLL there are more of this species this year than in any other I have recorded on my patch.

A flock of around 40-50 GOLDFINCH had at least 7 SISKIN with them, they were all feeding in Alder trees that form the boundary of the Greenhouse Complex with Migrant Alley, whilst further up the boundary in the tall hedge a CHIFFCHAFF was found, I wonder if it's a late one or an over winterer from the continent ? A YELLOWHAMMER and two LINNETS dropped down briefly into the same hedge, and a whole host of BLACKBIRDS were skulking there too.

Nothing has changed over at the Lakes and Scrubby Woods, a few of the MALLARD had returned, with at least 14 between the 3 lakes, and 4 MOORHENS joined them.The woods were rather quiet, but BULLFINCH, TREECREEPER, NUTHATCH and the GREAT and GREEN WOODPECKERS all showed well.

Other flyovers seen today only included BLACK HEADED and HERRING GULL, plus a KESTREL, the only raptor of the day.


Back at home, at the garden feeders, the place was buzzing with Goldfinch's, with two coming to visit the heads of the Teasels that I planted back in the spring, it's fantastic to see them feeding naturally rather than in neat pairs down the tube of a feeder, and it didn't cost me a thing!  Other notables in the garden today were GOLDCREST, two Nuthatch, COAL TIT, Great Spotted Woodpecker, and WREN

Goldfinch On Teasel

More Goldfinch On Teasel


Alan Pavey said...

A few bits and pieces there Warren, it'll be interesting to see if the Chiffy hangs around and it's nice when you plant something and it does exactly what you want. Nice pics again today.

Warren Baker said...

Thanks Alan, I'm not expecting much now, maybe a duck species on the lake, or a nice rare flyover ( ring necked Parakeet!)

I wish all the local large gardens and landowners /farmers would take a leaf from my book with the teasels :-)

Rohrerbot said...

Incredible last shot! Great photo.

Jason K said...

That's interesting about the will have to check those Tit flocks through the winter months to see if it's still kicking about

Millhouse Photography said...

Thanks for the tip re. the Teasel - I think I'll be having a go at that myself. It makes for great shots as they are natural in composition.