Monday, 23 April 2012

It rained all afternoon, and is still raining now  :-(  so no patch visit was made, if the rain stops, I may try for an evening visit, but it doesn't look very promising out there - another April day lost. Its all very frustrating losing birding days to the weather in April, this is one of the bonus months of the year when an unexpected species may drop in on its migration, 75 % of the 138 species found on my patch over the 11 years have been found in the month ofApril!

On the way into work today, as I crossed Migrant Alley, I spied a small passerine perched atop one of the hedgerows looking most chat like, it was about 250 meters away, and in the opposite direction to work, i'd be late in if I decided to investigate further, so I decided to investigate further  :-)   Frustratingly it dived into the hedge a bit further away from me, but I carried on, thinking that a Wheatear or Stonechat would be worth the hassle I'd get for being late in. When I finally caught up with the bird it turned out to be  ................................... a CHAFFINCH, blast it!

Here's few photo's from yesterdays patch visit.........I'll hold back a few for Tuesday, just in case !
SWALLOW the same bird as seen on Saturday, on the same perch :-)
I got a bit closer in this shot, but the foilage in the foreground was in the way
This Sparrowhawk kept the garden quiet all afternoon, so nothing much to see here either  :-(


ShySongbird said...

Oooh, lovely photos Warren, and how nice to see blue skies and all that lovely light!

It's been wet here too for much of the day but at least seeing your Swallow I'm reminded it's supposed to be Spring. I hope that week or two in March wasn't all we're getting!

Anonymous said...

Love the subtle lighting on the 2nd Bully shot, Warren.

Marc Heath said...

Nice shots Warren, I think one of your shots of the Sparrowhawk should be the next KOS front page.

Warren Baker said...

Hi songbird,
It's amazing how a bit of light makes you feel so much better, lots of summer left for that though :-)

Warren Baker said...

Thanks Marc,
That would be nice, to see one of my pics on the front page :-)

Rohrerbot said...

The sparrowhawks and other birds of prey will do that to an area:) Birds will disappear for days!:) Your rainy days sound like our 100+ days here in the desert. I don't know how I will bird in this heat!!! I think higher elevations are in order:) I stayed indoors all day yesterday because of the terrible heat outside. It's a bit early this year. I notice that the birds are up earlier getting their food and water and by afternoon they are hiding in the shade.

Millhouse Photography said...

What a close up of the Sparrowhawk. Love them Warren, although I know you think otherwise!