Sunday, 22 April 2012

The showery rain held off until after my 5 hour patch visit today, where once again some nice birds were seen, but still nothing new for the month or year list. In all, 50 species were noted, the highlight being a re-occurrence of the RAVEN, at least, I suppose it to be the same bird seen on the 14th, it flew over calling deeply as it headed SE.

Another successful breeding species joined the years list when a recently fledged SONGTHRUSH flew from the Tree Nursery and across Ashes lane to the Greenhouse Complex, where a COMMON WHITETHROAT was singing, presumably the bird seen at the Tree Nursery yesterday.  Of the other spring migrants that have arrived so far, two SWALLOWS were settling in at the College stables, the CUCKOO was calling from the Scrubby Woods, at least 9 singing CHIFFCHAFFS and 11 BLACKCAPS were also spread around the patch.

The KESTRELS, a SPARROWHAWK, 3 BUZZARDS and a PEREGRINE were all seen up hunting, the latter speeding low over Migrant Alley before making a grab at a WOODPIGEON, causing the pigeon to lose no more than a few feathers. It was interesting to here the TAWNY OWL continually calling from its roost over at the Scrubby Woods, where my second visit for the BTO Nightinglae survey come out negative.

On the lakes today the COOTS and young were all doing well, the BARNACLE GOOSE had returned with its CANADA GOOSE mate, along with a further 8 Canada, and 6 GREYLAG GEESE, just 2 each of MALLARD and MOORHEN were also present.

I took quite a few photo's - of varying quality  :-) I'll post a few today and save the rest for later, as the weather this week doesn't look very camera friendly!
This Mistle Thrush was on the College Sports Pitch, the young of which should be fledging soon, it's just finding them!
Mistle Thrush
LONG TAILED TIT, similarly will have young fledging soon  :-)
Long Tailed Tit
GREY WAGTAIL, I was pleased to get some sort of photo of this species, I dont get many chances with them, pity I couldn't et closer to it.
Grey Wagtail


ShySongbird said...

It must be lovely to hear the Cuckoo regularly Warren, it used to be like that here but not for the last few years :-(

Great to see the handsome Mistle Thrush so closely and the LTT photos are beautiful.

Lancashire and Lakeland Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris said...

Nice lotties Warren and I too wouldn't mind a crack at a grey wag



Marc Heath said...

Youre'e hogging that Raven Warren, send it east please! Still awaiting my first Cuckoo, everywhere else seems to have them.

Warren Baker said...

I know that feeling, I used to hear Nightingales singing in the Scrubby Woods, but they have left now :-(

Warren Baker said...

Patience Marc,
Cuckoo wont be long in visiting you, dont know about the Raven though :-)

Greenie said...

Warren ,
Glad you managed to stay dry too .
As you say , more of the same next week weatherwise .
I still haven't had a Common Whitethroat .

Unknown said...

Great set of images love the Thrush.

Chris said...

I'll sign for the grey wagtail and the mistle trush. Never seen the last one, and never got pictures of the first one! Well done Warren. The weather is gonna be bad in the next day over here too.

Rohrerbot said...

Great shots! I love the Mistle Thrush.

Alan Pavey said...

Good number of species Warren and some great pics again, I'm still waiting for that Grey Wagtail :-)

Jason K said...

Warren, I still haven't picked up a patch Common Whitethroat or Cuckoo as yet this year. Hopefully this week I will!!!

Grey Wag are irregulars at Capatins pool and I havent managed to photograph a patch one yet!