Sunday, 15 April 2012

View of the 'tall hedge' from the sheep pasture at Migrant Alley, bottom left you can just make out my sky watching seat :-)  the Greenhouse Grounds are behind the Tall Hedge.
Today was the last of my holidays - back to work tomorrow  :-(  I was eager to get out this morning, after the successes of yesterdays patch walk, but despite it being bright and sunny early on, a biting northerly wind blew, which kept many species hunkered down, and certainly curtailed the amount of singing going on.

The early part of my walk, around the College Grounds, via Migrant Alley and the Greenhouse Complex, was a bog standard affair, the only highlight was that of my first CORMORANT (64) for the month that flew over the College Grounds.

The sighting of both BUZZARD and KESTREL over the Tree Nursery was a cheering sight as I walked to the Lakes and Scrubby Woods, but the sound of my first singing CUCKOO was even more cheery, I never tire of this sound, a pity it only last for 40-50 days of the year. I saw most of the regulars over at the Scrubby Woods, which included the COAL TIT, MISTLE THRUSH, and TREECREEPER that didn't get seen on yesterdays huge list, also I was amazed to hear the TAWNY OWL call from its roost for the fourth morning in a row.

Not much else to report really, two SWALLOWS went over, but apart from those, the sky was particularly quiet today.

Whilst in the Scrubby Woods, this Fox came walking past with its breakfast, like I wasn't even there!
Fox with breakfast - shame I cut its tail off!

This CHIFFCHAFF was the only other photo I got today


Marc Heath said...

Nice sharp Chiff shot, at least the fox cubs have eaten well today.

Steve Ashton Wildlife Photography said...

Nice Fox photo Warren, if we get much more Northerly winds we will have the Brents back with us.

Warren Baker said...

Hi Steve, Marc,
The weather should improve greatly now i'm back to work :-)

Lancashire and Lakeland Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris said...

Bit better than my paltry attempt at a Chiffy warren - great fox btw



Rohrerbot said...

Warren! Nice fox photo...who cares about the tail. You got a clear shot of the guy. Love it. Looks like he'll be ahppy tonight from the catch:)

Greenie said...

Warren ,
Certainly was a chilly morning , with more to come by the sound of it .
I still like your tail-less Fox shot .

Noushka said...

Great photos!
How lucky can one get when a fox comes so close... and with its breakfast to top it all!
Well done, cheers!

Jason K said...

Singing Cuckoo! I'm still waiting to hear my first of the year at Shenstone

ShySongbird said...

What a coincidence, I too saw a Fox carrying a meal yesterday!

Lovely, clear photos Warren.