Wednesday 12 December 2012

It remained bright for most of the day today, but temperatures never got above freezing, the frost remained on everything from the previous night.

With the lakes frozen over, it was a case of walking the Tree Nursery, and Greenhouse Grounds plus a bit of sky watching over Migrant Alley. The Tree Nursery was identical to yesterday, the KESTREL pair were up hunting, a couple of GREEN WOODPECKERS were probing in the frozen soil, and half a dozen each of BLACKBIRD and SONGTHRUSH flew up and into cover again, just one MEADOW PIPIT was seen, plus a GOLDREST, as well as the regular WRENS, DUNNOCKS and ROBINS.

I crossed Ashes Lane and moved into the Greenhouse Grounds, where it was by now feeling very cold indeed, once again the Alders trees had most to offer, with 2 LESSER REDPOLL, 4 SISKIN and 8 GOLDFINCH present, Blackbirds had increased though, at least 15 were beneath the Alders, they were drawn by the water that lies there, sheltered from the frost it was still unfrozen. A couple of PIED WAGTAILS were flitting around the Greenhouse buildings, but little else was of note.

My sky watch across Migrant Alley was of a little more interest when 2 LAPWING dropped onto the sheep pasture, then 20+ SKYLARKS flew over, heading south, the most seen here all year. A noisy gang of at least 50 JACKDAWS flew low over, alighting with the ROOKS that were already out on the paddocks, the only other species seen in the sky were WOODPIGEONS, BLACK HEADED GULLS and HERRING GULLS - lean times indeed!

A couple of photo's were taken in the garden as I ate lunch before going out, but even when the sun is shining there is little light in my sheltered garden, at this time of year the suns rays never get below the top layer of the bushes  :-(  Here's a couple of pics I rescued from the bin though  :-)
Blue Tit


Greenie said...

Warren ,
That certainly was a cold one , but at least we escaped the freezing fog .
Anything's good on a day like today .

Warren Baker said...

I havn't been cold like that for a long time Greenie!

Ken. said...

This weather is certainly taking it's toll on the birds at the moment. You sighting of 20 Skylarks was a good find, can't say I have ever seen that many.
It is bad enough us dressing in many layers of clothing to tackle this weather. The birds really do have it tough, Where would they be without birders like us putting out feed of all kinds to suit all species of birds to help them to survive?

ShySongbird said...

That's a beautiful Robin Warren. Still bitterly cold here but supposed to be a bit milder tomorrow....with heavy rain :-( I'd rather have it cold and bright.