Thursday 27 December 2012

This morning was yet another wash -out, heavy rain and strong winds kept me off patch for most of the day, with only two short sorties over to the lakes possible.

The first had me battling against the rain, and little was of note on the water apart from 43 MALLARD and 3 CANADA GEESE, a flock of 48 FIELDFARE sat in an Oak tree at the Tree Nursery, where the KESTREL pair were again hunting.

After a couple of hours drying off, and watching the garden feeders, the weather dried up somewhat, and a second visit to the lakes was had, again I went via the Tree Nursery, this time the Fieldfare had been replaced in the Oak tree by 17 REDWING  :-)  I also noted a flyover CORMORANT, as well as, at last, my first GREYLAG GEESE (65) for the month, 3 flew over as I was entering the Wet Woods.

My second look over the lakes was rewarded with yet another GOOSANDER, a female, the 10th Goosander seen this month!

The days are running out fast for this year, with just four patch visits left ( weather permitting) I still need to find two more year ticks to reach my target of 109 species for 2012, the months list isn't looking too bad, the Greylag Geese seen today move this Decembers tally on to 65, the 4th best out of 11.

Fingers crossed for tomorrow!

I took a few garden bird photo's today, they are only the the regular species, and the light was poor, but they do brighten the blog!
Great Tit


Marc Heath said...

Like you Warren I think I need some counselling for all this rain. Its getting to me now. At least you managed a few shots, like the top Great Tit, very nice.

Warren Baker said...

Marc, There does seem to be a hint of something drier for early next week. Until then it's grin and bare it ;-)

Anonymous said...

"Fingers crossed for tomorrow!"....Rain forecast all day for us up here Warren :(

Warren Baker said...

I hope it stays with you then :-) Had enough here!

Adam said...

great shots

Pete Woodruff said...

Fingers crossed for the two 'year ticks' you still need.

Your determination shining through yet again today Warren.

Marianne said...

Very impressed that you're plugging away in what are, quite frankly, unacceptable weather conditions! Hope you get the year ticks, you deserve them :)

Warren Baker said...

''Unacceptable weather conditions'' you jest not!