Monday 3 December 2012

The rain arrived back with us this morning, but it cleared just in time for a 90 minute patch visit this afternoon. I did the regular walk over to the lakes, Via the Small Holding and Wet Woods, the former was relatively busy, with both GREEN and GREAT SPOTTED WOODPECKERS being seen, as well as BLUE, GREAT and COAL TIT, a couple of REDWINGS were also seen.

In the Wet Woods the most abundant bird was the GOLDCREST, at least five were found, much scanning of them couldn't turn one into a Firecrest though!  Four MALLARDS splashed down on one of the pools whilst I was there, while overhead, above the tree tops LESSER REDPOLL and SISKIN were heard going over. I spent a small while trying to track down the first Treecreeper for months list, but wasn't successful so moved on to the Lakes.

Nothing at all was on the Water, but sitting in one of the bankside trees was a CORMORANT, better still a GREY HERON (48) was fishing in the shallows, and a bit better than that, a KINGFISHER (49) was seen in the vegetation on the opposite bank, two new birds for December  :-) 

With the sun already sinking fast and the light fading, I made my way over to the Tree Nursery, on the way I looked up into the sky to see the 50th December species - a COMMON BUZZARD (50) an apt species to reach fifty with I think  :-)  The Tree Nursery held no surprises for me today, the regular MEADOW PIPITS, Green Woodpeckers, SONGTHRUSH, BLACKBIRDS, WRENS, DUNNOCKS and ROBINS were in good supply, as were the HERRING and BLACK HEADED GULLS that went over, JAYS and MAGPIES chased about, and the two KESTRELS hunted over the grassland, and that was about it for the day  :-)

I left the Camera indoors today, but here's a couple of Garden Bird images from yesterday.
Great Spotted Woodpecker


Marc Heath said...

Classic Woodpecker shot and nicely caught.

Warren Baker said...

Thanks Marc,
Cant help but get decent photo's of these woody's, ive got four coming to the feeders!

Unknown said...

You've got some great snapshots here, really great job on the focus! High quality.

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Tree Removal Brooklyn

ShySongbird said...

Lovely GSW photo Warren. Much as I love Grey Herons I would say a Kingfisher was a lot better sighting considering I can hardly remember the last time I saw one!

Rohrerbot said...

Love the Woodpecker but that Jackdaw is one of my favorites on your blog:)