Monday 27 May 2013

Another fantastic blue sky to greet me this morning, although there was a bit of a 'fly in the ointment' from 07:00hrs to 07:45hrs when cloud rolled in, before it burnt off again in the warm sunshine  :-)

Most of the 4 hours out this morning was spent around the College Grounds, Migrant Alley and the Greenhouse Grounds, although later in the morning I paid a visit to the edge of the Wet Woods to look for Damsels.

The LITTLE OWL was sitting on the Greenhouse Roof as I passed through the grounds there, also seen was a BLACKCAP and the WHITETHROAT pair that hold territories in the bramble thickets. A flock of 40-50 STARLINGS were using the boundary hedgerow that divides Migrant Alley from the Greenhouse Grounds, at least 30 of those were newly fledged, I reckon there were ten, maybe twelve families, a good start from them  :-)

Also at Migrant Alley was the mixed flock of LINNET and GOLDFINCH, along with the CANADA GEESE, GREYLAG GEESE and feral BARNACLE GOOSE. Another Whitethroat was heard to sing at the Wooded Headlands, as well as another Blackcap and a CHIFFCHAFF.
Greylags at Migrant Alley
My main reason for going to the College Grounds was to try and get a photo of the SPOTTED FLYCATCHER, its been hard to see recently but today I was fortunate to see both the male and female bird, although by now the cloud had rolled in and the light was poor, resulting in some very slow shutter speeds, I got a reasonable image in the end though.
Spotted Flycatcher
Spotted Flycatcher
An hour on my seat watching the sky produced 4 Raptor species - one of the PEREGRINES, one each of KESTREL and SPARROWHAWK, plus two BUZZARDS. Two LESSER BLACK BACKED GULLS also went over, as well as four HERRING GULLS, but that was about it really, apart from 4 HOUSE MARTINS that flew through.

My trek along the edge of the Wet Woods later in the morning resulted in a few Azure Damsels being found, and also a possible immature White-legged Damsel and the odd Large Red, the Large Red below was photographed in my garden yesterday  :-) I got lots of photo's for the 'Blog Folder' they should keep me going for when the weather turns again!
Large Red Damsel
Large Red Damsel
Large Red Damsel
Immature White-legged Damsel

 Immature White-legged Damsel
 I stole the idea of this pose from Mr. heath, (see his excellent blog, only I've not quite executed the image as well as he did  :-)


Marc Heath said...

Lovely shots Warren and thanks for the mention. I have never seen White legged Damsel so when they mature may have to make a visit your way!

Lancashire and Lakeland Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris said...

Wonder what/how those lrds see with those eyes - superb close-ups of a species sadly now extinct at base camp and we never did find out where they came from



Sharon said...

Hello Warren! I'm trying to catch up with over a years worth of your posts! Looks like your camera is still busy clicking away - love the shots of the Spotted Flycatcher.
Hope you're keeping well :)

Warren Baker said...

Thanks Marc,
Not as many WLD as there once were, now the old tree nursery has gone.

Warren Baker said...

They could re-colonise, fingers crossed!

Warren Baker said...

Hi Sharron,
I am indeed keeping well. Enjoy the years worth of Photo's! LoL

Pjbird1973 said...

How many spotted flys have you had before?

Jason K said...

Superb damsel shots Warren! Not had one at Shenstone as yet this year but had both Large Red and Azure at a nearby site

Warren Baker said...

The maximum number of pairs to breed at Pittswood in any one year, since 2001, was four. back in 2003.

The pair at the College grounds are the last here now, hopefully a later pair may arrive, elsewhere.

Greenie said...

Warren ,
Spot on with the WLD ID .
An immature female in the lactea phase .
Like the SP.Fly shots .

Alan Pavey said...

Fantastic pics Mate, I'm struggling to find Dragoons and Damsels and the flutters are still thin on the ground :-(

Pjbird1973 said...

I really hope so. Your website us brilliant and a daily must for me!

Ken. said...

Firstly well done with finally getting your shots of the Spotted Flycatcher, it paid off in the end.
Nice damselfly photo's, what a great idea for taking a unusual picture of them,

Marianne said...

Lovely photos, esp. that stunning Large Red, it's good to see the damsels are out in force :)

ShySongbird said...

Lovely Spotted Flycatcher photos Warren and the damsels too. The Greylags looked like they were having a good old gossip :-)