Wednesday 15 May 2013

Soggy Migrant Alley, Back to winter  :-(
The heavy overnight rain and gales left many of the newly emerged leaves from the trees lying shredded on the ground this morning, this will impact on the caterpillar population, and so have a knock on effect for bird species that need them to feed their young. The same thing happened last year, with some disastrous effects on the Blue and Great Tit population here  :-(

The strong and cold wind was still blowing, and there were spits of rain about as I started my walk, it took me just 45 minutes to realise I was wasting my time out on my patch today, I couldn't here a thing over the wind, so fed up and dejected, I wandered home, my will power is slowly being sapped by this unseasonable and miserable weather.........again!

At least I got lots of jobs done around the house and garden, and a bit later I set up the photo hide ( my shed!) and took some photo's of what species are still visiting the feeders, they are few at this time of year, but I got some images to keep the blog brightened up for a few posts, despite the poor light and rain showers blowing through !

Hopefully i'll find some inspiration to get out tomorrow morning!

Garden photo's for today :-
Great Tit
Blue Tit


Marc Heath said...

At least you are getting the time to do some birding. This weather is ruining all plans i am making.

Marc Heath said...

At least you are getting the time to do some birding. This weather is ruining all plans i am making.

Warren Baker said...

Hi Marc,
I had plans too :-( I thought i'd be photographing Damselflies and Butterflies all day long by now, sprinkled liberally with hours of skywatching!

ShySongbird said...

Hi Warren :-) Your first paragraph echoed exactly what I have been thinking during the last few days of heavy rain and wind that we've had here :-( It seems so unfair on the wildlife.

You are setting up some nice photo opportunities I see. The spade/fork handle needs a Robin now :-) Lovely captures of the Wood Mouse on the previous post.

Warren Baker said...

Hello Songbird,
I put the fork out for the classic Robin shot, and one did alight on it briefly, too brief for a photo though :-)

Fingers crossed that the weather settles down a bit :-(

Lancashire and Lakeland Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris said...

Need some fake snow on that fork handle...reminds me of a sketch :-)...hang on a mo wasn't there loads of snow about today!!! Not here just heavy rain - then the sun came out and so did the camera - happy days, but will they last?



Warren Baker said...

Not the classic ''four candles'' sketch :-)