Thursday, 4 July 2013


Yesterday evening I had an away trip to Ashdown Forest hoping to see Nightjar, I failed to find any, but the brilliant habitat there was host to some iconic birds, the likes of Stonechat, Redstart, Tree Pipit and Woodlark as well as a few Willow Warbler thrown in, were all enjoyed  :-)
I manged just one photo, a record shot of a lovely female Redstart
Back to this morning, and back on patch, where it was with heavy cloud cover and spits of drizzle on the breeze  :-)  I left the house with a familiar feeling - burning throat, headache and sniffy nose.......yep another bloody cold virus!!

So not feeling quite as energetic, I only did half a patch walk, visiting the Arable part of my patch, via the Greenhouse Grounds and Migrant Alley with a quick look over the Ashes lane field on the walk back home.

I noted 38 species, which for half a patch walk was very good, especially as two of those species were new for the month, the first being a flyover MISTLETHRUSH (53), good to find that, as they can be difficult to locate here in July.

The second species added to the July list this morning was much more of a surprise, Migrant Alley gave me the first Autumnal passage migrant with a YELLOW WAGTAIL (54) It flew over the sheep pasture calling repeatedly, which was just as well as I had to convince myself of its ID as I've never had a passage Yellow Wagtail go through here this early, the previous earliest date recorded was the 13th Aug, which occurred back in 2007.

Best of the rest this morning was again seeing a HOBBY fly over, being chased by a mob of SWALLOWS, a couple of BULLFINCH in the Ashes lane hedgerow was good to see, and the KESTRELS continue to bring in food for their young at the Greenhouse Grounds.

Not much on the photo front today, despite the weather cheering up this afternoon, but I had another session with the GOLDCREST from my bathroom window, getting some better results this time.
Goldcrest, showing off  :-)


Marc Heath said...

Away day. Bet you fainted being away from the patch. Found 2 Red veined Darter this pm in the sunshine. Photos to follow!

Warren Baker said...

The shock of leaving my patch left me open to this cold virus Marc ! :-)

Lancashire and Lakeland Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris said...

Think that 'crest fancies you judging by the first pic :-)

Off patch - I don't beleeeeeve it!



Warren Baker said...


I must do it more often :-)

ShySongbird said...

Glad you enjoyed your evening off patch Warren. A shame you missed out on the Nightjars but you still saw some goodies. Lovely photos of the Goldcrest both on this post and the previous one. I wish I had views like that from my bathroom window :-)

I'm confused about the Hadlow Free School. When I looked it up months ago it said they had already appointed the head and other staff and that it would open in September 2013 so how come they haven't even got planning permission to build it yet? Sounds like they are jumping the gun and that they may have a nasty shock coming!

Greenie said...

Warren ,
I thought about Old Lodge today , but was put off by the weather .
Reckon your viruses are caused by ' too much shedding '.

Pete Woodruff said...

I like the sound of Ashdown Forest Warren....STONECHAT. Also like the 'show off' Goldcrest.

Alan Pavey said...

Another cold Mate, that's no good! Nice Redstart pic and the Goldcrest showing it's crown off is a beauty. Interesting to get Yellow Wag already too :-)

Warren Baker said...

Hi Songbird,
The college have refurbished some old buildings, they intend to take a few pupils this year. They will them build a new school for 300 pupils!

Simian said...

Do you ever go to Broadwater for Nightjar, Woodlark and Tree Pipit?
Nice pic of Redstart....
Do you think the Wagtail just decided to give up due to the recent poor weather and go on its hols early...wouldnt blame it....!
Do they ever get glow worms at Old Lodge, I havent been there for a few years, its probably closer to me now so I should make the effort...

Warren Baker said...

Hi Graham,
Ive not been to Broadwater Warren as yet.

I was thinking the same thing about the Yellow Wagtail, perhaps a failed breeder heading south early........only this one went NE!

Not sure about the Glow worms, I expect there must be a few there still, its good habitat all round :-)

Marianne said...

The Redstart's a beauty. Also show-off Goldcrest.

I used to go to Broadwater Warren a lot before the RSPB moved in, as lived nearby (Groombridge) - had my best ever views of Nightjar there, also good for Woodcock, and Glow-worms aplenty on the way back to the car!