Monday, 1 July 2013


July kicked off with some fine, settle weather and my five hour full  patch walk was rewarded with 47 species for the new month.

Leaving my house at 06:30, I quickly located the likes of GOLDFINCH, JACKDAW, BLUE TIT, WOODPIGEON, CHAFFINCH, ROBIN, WREN, BLACKBIRD, GREENFINCH, and SWALLOW in that order. A look around the Greenhouse grounds produced COMMON WHITETHROAT, GOLDCREST, KESTREL, and a LITTLE OWL, which stared down at me from a raspberry support pole.

Moving through Migrant Alley and onto the bean fields and hedgerows, things went a bit quiet, but the months list was kept ticking along with COLLARED DOVE, DUNNOCK, CARRION CROW, STARLING (50+ were on the sheep pasture) ROOK, BLACKCAP, LINNET, CHIFFCHAFF, GREAT TIT, PHEASANT, and MAGPIE.

I completed the first half of the circuit of my patch walk, ending at my Sky watching seat, where a forty minute watch added SKYLARK, STOCK DOVE, SWIFT, SPARROWHAWK, LESSER BLACKED GULL and HERRING GULL, as well as a family of PIED WAGTAILS, the adults of which were feeding two recently fledged young, one more species for this years successfully bred list  :-)  As I walked home to get a snack and drink, the highlight of the day was seen, when a SAND MARTIN (98) flew over Ashes lane, a new species for the year, and one of the species I mentioned on yesterdays blog, nice when a prediction comes off  :-)

After my refreshment break, I headed off over to the Lakes and Scrubby Woods via the Small Holding and Wet Woods. The walk along Ashes Lane to get to the Small Holding added HOUSE SPARROW, to the months list, but only GREAT SPOTTED WOODPECKER, and GREEN WOODPECKER were added before reaching the lakes. Here, the CANADA GEESE were on the water, along with the COOT family, a pair of MALLARD and a family of MOORHEN, a GREY HERON dropped in whilst I was there too.

The months list was topped up from the adjacent Scrubby Woods, with TREECREEPER, NUTHATCH, JAY, BULLFINCH, and at long last a SONGTHRUSH  :-) The last species found today was a COMMON BUZZARD, seen over the Ashes lane field.

Not a bad visit today !

I took a few photo's today, but haven't had time to process them yet, so i'll add them to tomorrows post, in the mean time i'll post these images from my garden of an immature House Sparrow  :-)
Immature House Sparrow
Immature House Sparrow
Immature House Sparrow


Marianne said...

That's a good start to the month - but no insects?? Gorgeous photos of the juvvie spuggie, complete with photo-bombing Chaffinch :)

Marc Heath said...

A good start to the month Warren. Hopefully the start of good things to come.

Alan Pavey said...

100 before the end of July? it's getting closer.

Simian said...

hello Warren
nice pics as usual....hoping July will be, all round, much better than June....
Couldnt agree more with your comments re badgers etc. I was very concerned when they amalgamated several agencies to form Natural England to 'save money' use a birding term...its all coming home to roost...