Sunday, 14 July 2013

I had a day off today  :-)  No birds, butterflies, dragons or damsels, instead the wife and I headed off away from the inland heat, down to a quiet part of the coast to recharge our batteries, very pleasant it was too!
Below is whats left in the ''Blog photo folder'' so i'll have to do a bit of work tomorrow to fill that up again  :-)

Small Skipper
Ive been trying to find and id an Essex Skipper all week, the above is another Small Skipper, but I like to get a look at the antennea (as if i know what I'm looking for!) below looks like another Small Skipper though.
Small Skipper antennae


Marc Heath said...

A rare treat indeed Warren having the day off. I successfully twitched 2 Norfolk Hawkers at Westbere, 4th and 5th record for Kent. photos on blog later.

Warren Baker said...

Hi Marc,
Wasn't it you who found the first Norfolk Hawker in Kent ?

Marc Heath said...

I found the 3rd record for Kent.

Ken. said...

Hope you all had a lovely day out. Hope you din't miss your sunday stroll around your patch too much.

Pete Woodruff said...

Good to hear you had a day away from the patch with your wife Warren and hope your battery is are now fully charged for tomorrow.