Saturday 4 March 2017

After the initial rain, I got round for a full patch walk this morning, finding a reasonable tally of 41 bird species, one of those being a year tick in the form of a male MANDARIN DUCK (66,50) which was first seen in the Wet Woods, but it flew out and alighted on the main lake, where, predictably, it was the only duck species to join the MALLARDS, MOORHENS and CANADA GEESE!

My walk was accompanied by the near constant calls of BUZZARDS, I think only two birds were involved, but they were very vocal today, the only other raptor species seen was the KESTREL, the pair of which were at the Greenhouse Grounds, where the female visited the nest box.

Plenty of FIELDFARE and REDWING are using the sheep pasture at Migrant Alley and the Ashes lane Fields/Pub Field to feed on, fattening up before their imminent departure. Not much else to report this morning, although it was nice to see a pair of LINNETS along High House Lane.

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