Tuesday, 1 June 2010

That aptly describes the first day of June! The weather started off grey and damp, and by mid morning rain was falling, which lasted well into the afternoon.

My birding activity was severely curtailed as a result, and the only birds recorded were on the way to work and back, a bit of garden watching, plus an aborted half hour effort this afternoon, in which the rain appeared to stop but as soon as I got out it started again :-).

Best birds seen were the SPOTTED FLYCATCHERS at the College Grounds, other than that it was all the very common species, although it was good to see that the GOLDFINCH'S had bred successfully, two Juvs were seen in the College Grounds, and another came to my garden feeders this afternoon. Four LESSER BLACK BACKED GULLS that went over the house are a nice addition to the June list. Speaking of which, after the first day it stands at a miserly 31.

With the rest of this week off, I should get up to around the mid fifties, by the weekend, especially as the weather forecast looks good - he said :-)

Here's the photo's for the day. taken in very poor light from my garden, so they are pretty rubbish!

Above: JACKDAW. Five were in the garden fighting over the fat balls.
Below: Woodpigeon
Below: The Juv Goldfinch
Lastly: GREENFINCH, which have also started bringing in young to the feeders.


Jann said...

A week off, how nice...I expect to see results posted ;o) Great that the weather is forecasted to behave too! I think that's a spiffy photo of the jackdaw, not rubbish at all...same for the others. Nice to see the juvies, at the feeders or otherwise.

ShySongbird said...

I don't know why you think they are rubbish, Warren, they look fine to me!

Enjoy your time off.

By the way, I wonder how many novels you would write if you put two weeks of sightings in one post... :)

Warren Baker said...

You two ladies are to kind to me ;-)

Kerry said...

Lovely shot of the Jackdaw (another persecuted bird in our area - they even shoot starlings round here, and I once had an oystercatcher brought to me that someone had shot!)

We had torrential rain for most of the night with low cloud and drizzle this morning, but we did get a beautiful evening.

I wish you luck for your June total and I am envious of all the great birds you have the opportunity to see.

Anonymous said...

Dreadful weather here too, Warren. On the whole it`s been the same all year, so far.

Monika said...

I hope you get some June-like weather for your time off. At least a miserly day one gives you plenty to look for in the coming days!

EP Andy said...

If that's bad light on the Jackdaw photo then I'd hate to see your defintion of dark. Good pic.

Blo*dy weather but you are right about the forecast. Fingers crossed.