Tuesday, 8 June 2010

There were some hefty showers about this afternoon, but also some sunny intervals, so it was a stop and start visit to my patch. I was trying to find a Common Buzzard for the months list, so I visited the Tree Nursery and Migrant Alley, as these have the best 'skyview', and as well looking skywards I could also keep an eye out for for Butterflies and damselflies.

I was more successful with the Butterflies and Damselflies than the Buzzard though, although i'm sure one will soar over my patch at some point this month. Whilst in the Tree Nursery I checked up on the WHITETHROAT nest site, and it seems that the young have fledged, one adult was seen with a large caterpillar in its beak, no doubt the young are in the hedgerow somewhere.

I manged to kick up a few butterflies, Common Blue were most the numerous, with 4 being seen, and a nice Small Copper also showed itself today, the Silver 'y' moths continue to be seen in good numbers too.

Birds sightings were limited to the very common species, but a CUCKOO was heard to call, one of the last days that i'll hear one this year ?

I managed to get a few photo's, but it was difficult getting a sharp photo in the wind, below is a DUNNOCK.

Above is a Common Blue ( I never tire of photographing these) and below is the Small Copper
The Damselfly below is a Common Blue Damselfly, there were quite a few of these in the long grass of the Tree Nursery

I took some more Garden Bird photo's when I got home, but the light had gone by then. Below is the ROBIN

........and lastly a GREENFINCH, with a GOLDFINCH in the background. The birds are really staring to come back to the feeders big time, i'm getting through 4 kg of sunflower hearts a day now. I saw a JAY in the garden this evening, the first one this year, taking the Garden Bird feeder year list to 28.


Pete Woodruff said...

Some nice pics here Warren. No sunny intervals up here today, I was back home within three hours of starting out when the rain really set in.

The Early Birder said...

Fairly unpleasant over here as well. My garden list has been stuck on 26 for months although we did hear a Chaffinch calling yesterday...the first time in 20 odd years. Off to wet Norfolk tomorrow with the wellies!!

Anonymous said...

The only weather we had here Warren, was the kind that`s only suitable for ducks ;-)

Monika said...

I don't get tired of the common blue photos either!

Kerry said...

Lovely shot of the Common Blue. Like you I never tire of seeing these but sadly in my area they are far from common and are rarely seen.

The birds are back to eating me out of house and home as well. I fill three jumbo feeders twice a day. I shall end up bankrupt at this rate!

Hope your buzzard arrives soon.

kirstallcreatures said...

A patch of s-s-s-sunlight.... what, where when! Very glad to see that you made the most of it. I agree the Common Blue is lovely, as is the Small Copper which is becoming one of my favourites of the year so far.