Wednesday, 16 June 2010

I found this Hedgehog in the Garden this evening, it appears that it is Handicapped, poor old fella has just one eye, I gave it a fistfull of sunflowere hearts, which it munched on contentedly, before ambling off into the undergrowth.

No Patch visit was made today. I had to stay on at work to help out with the school sports day.

Normal service will be resumed tomorrow :-)


Derek Faulkner said...

Warren, is that allowed, do they not know how much your reports are read by all and sundry throughout the country.

Warren Baker said...

Not simething I enjoy doing Derek, but one full day a year, I can just tolerate :-)

Anonymous said...

Only one eye or not. It`s in better nick than all the ones i`ve seen (road kills).

Liking the new layout. Slightly different to mine. I reckon the dark background sets the photos off better.

Jann said...

Aw, poor little fellow, but it's nice to see your photo of a hedgehog anyway as I don't get to see them myself. I think a break is good, maybe you'll have a bit of a fresh outlook for tomorrow. :o)

ShySongbird said...

Nice to see the poor old Hedgehog, it sounds like it's enjoying its food anyway.

It seems like five minutes not twelve months since you told us you were helping at the school sports day!