Sunday, 20 June 2010

I thought yesterdays patch walk felt Autumnal, but today was even worse! More cloud, more wind, more cold, and no bright spells!

The 3 hour visit was a gloomy affair, and this mornings list was 9 species down on yesterdays, with a poor, 44 species, but at least I found a MISTLE THRUSH over at the College Grounds, one I didn't get yesterday.

There were few, if any highlights, a GREY HERON flew up from the Stream that runs adjacent to the College Grounds, the KESTREL was up hunting around the Greenhouse Complex, and a few songsters were heard at the Lakside Scrub, namely CHIFFCHAFF, BLACKCAP, WHITETHROAT, and TURTLE DOVE. Some regularly seen species such as Pheasant, Goldcrest, Treecreeper, Sparrowhawk, House Martin and Long Tailed Tit were all unseen, in a patch visit best forgotten! Just one 'confirmed breeder' was added to the patch breeding list - SWALLOW, 3 freshly fledged young sat on an outbuilding roof in one of the large gardens along ashes lane.

It's mid-summers day tomorrow, the longest day, so i will look forward to some summer weather :-)

Only one Photo was taken whilst out on my patch, this WOODPIGEON, collecting nest materials.

The GREAT SPOTTED WOODPECKER below, is a Juv. that visited the garden

Lastly, the BULLFINCH was back at the sunflower hearts early this afternoon, but the light was still awful for a good pic.


ShySongbird said...

Well I think the photos are good even if you weren't happy with the light. The one of the Wood Pigeon is great, it somehow looks like it was caught in a guilty act :) Oh for a GSW in the garden or anywhere for that matter!

It has been cold here too but sunny all day.

Apologies if there was a Chiffchaff photo missing on my post just now,I think something got corrupted so I have re posted it and I think it is OK now.

Derek Faulkner said...


What has been the outcome of the Owl box that you made and put up last year, has it been used.
Also, awful Kaddy has forecast a hot and sunny week ahead, should we get our waterproof clothing out?

Greenie said...

Warren ,
We both opened our blogs with almost identical statements .
We have a juv.GSW brought regularly to the garden , but only to the feeder half way down . Hope it will use the patio ones soon .
Also had pair of House Sparrows eying up the communal box that I made .

Warren Baker said...


The owl box is in need of some attention, it has slipped forward and downwards a bit! the Owl left shortly after I put the box up :-(

Chris said...

Hi Warren,
It is the same over here mate, raining and raining and raining, lots of clouds and no weather to go birding... Not even the bird can be seen outside... Well you still have your feeders to take pictures ;-)

Anonymous said...

Wish i could get a Bully on the feeders. I do get them in the garden, but they choose to feed on the old seedheads at the far end of the farden.

Jann said...

We've been having very mild weather for the end of spring too, lots of, that bullfinch's coloring is so pretty! Great shot of the woodpecker and pigeon.

Monika said...

Warren, you're not going to skip summer weather altogether now are you? I love the new layout!

Lancashire and Lakeland Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris said...

Hasn't rained properly up here since October apparently! Hosepipe ban coming to the NW soon


PS still give my eyeteeth for a bit o bully