Monday, 28 June 2010

Nothing at all to report from my patch today, it was hot and sticky as I walked into work, and very little was seen, apart from the SWALLOWS at the leaking water trough again.

I walked home from work and it was even hotter and stickier! The only living things seen were a flock of panting ROOKS at Migrant Alley!

I got home, and tried to cool off indoors with a long ice cold drink, whilst waiting for it to cool down outside. I finally went out at 16:30hrs, and it was still baking under the sun, I got as far as a walk around the Tree Nursery, before having to find a shady place to sit and skywatch, which produced a single BLACK HEADED GULL. A few Butterflies flitted by, Meadow Browns mostly, but Small Tortoiseshell, Common Blue, and both Small and Large Skipper were seen, but i was no way chasing them about for a photograph in the heat :-)

I may take a walk out this evening, if it cools down ! i'll report back tomorrow.

I managed a photo of this Hedgehog that visits my garden, it's old ''one eye'.

I also saw this Juv. HOUSE SPARROW - interesting because of it's beak deformity.


Monika said...

Great hedgehog shot! Is it feeding on spilled bird seed? You're not wishing for cooler weather now already are you?

Warren Baker said...

Hi Monika,

It does feed on spilt sunflower hearts, but I also put out bits of chicken and a few peanuts for it :-)

Yes I am hoping for cooler weather !!

Chris said...

Well sometime days are like this Warren... We just have to be patient... I'll try to go out tonight if the light stays like this but I doubt. You got a very nice hedgehog picture... well done...

Jann said...

I love the hedgehog shot, really nice! How sweet of you to put food out for it. :o)

Anonymous said...

Warren, i was the same. Just couldn`t find a cool/comfortable spot all day. I reckon we need a big thunderstorm to clear this air.

ShySongbird said...

I would be quite happy with lower temperatures all Summer as long as the sun shines. The humidity is a killer :(

It sounds like your Hedgehog dines well,!

Pete Woodruff said...

No doubt about it the heat does begin to wear you down eventually.

We had quite heavy rain and a thunderstorm last night but today (Tuesday) feels little changed otherwise and still very humid.

Not often we suffer little to report from you Warren, but there's a good time a'cumin when the return passage gets underway.

Kind Regards from upt'north.