Monday, 21 June 2010

Not for the first time this year, the cold, damp, dreary weekend soon faded into memory, as Monday morning dawned warm, bright and sunny....someones 'avin' a larf !

I got out at around 14:00hrs this afternoon, just as it was clouding over - grrrrr.. , but it was still bright and warm. The birdlife was very subdued, not unusual for a June afternoon. I spent most of the two hours I was out walking the perimeter of the Tree Nursery, both WHITETHROAT and CHAFFINCH were feeding youngsters, the odd DUNNOCK, ROBIN, BLACKBIRD and SONGTHRUSH scurried around under the Laurel shrubs as I tried to find some butterfly species.

I managed to find a few damsels as well as Butterflies, here are a few photo's of my afternoons work, better enjoyed by enlarging the pics.

Below is a Burnet Moth, I can count five spots on each wing, so it must be a Five Spot Burnet Moth right ?

Below is a spanking fresh Meadow Brown Butterfly, must have emerged today

Also about was this Common Blue Butterfly

Damsels seen included this Common Blue.............

.....also this White Legged Damselfly

Back home in the garden, many more birds were seen, they are devouring the food at an alarming rate now! Newly fledged Finch's, Tit's, Sparrows and Blackbirds are turning up all the time.

Above is a GOLDFINCH, and Below is a Juv. BLUE TIT


Derek Faulkner said...


Totaly cloudless here on Sheppey all day and a beautiful warm morning on the reserve at 8.00.
Several Small Tortoiseshells about as well, which was nice to see.

Kelly said...

...that first photo is so vibrant and beautiful!! ...and the last melted my heart--very cute. Your goldfinch is beautiful as well.

Pete Woodruff said...

You achieved some good photographs today Warren lacking in nice weather or not.

I'm particularly interested in the White-legged Damselfly, an uncommon species though it can be abundant in the south and in parts of Wales apparently.

kirstallcreatures said...

Super set of pics Warren, Linda

Anonymous said...

"a Five Spot Burnet Moth right ?" either that or a Narrow-borded 5-spot, Warren. It`s a tough one to call.

Greenie said...

Warren ,
As Dean says , the Burnet is a hard one to ID . Quite often two spots merge to give 5 when it is a 6 .

ShySongbird said...

Lovely photos again, Warren! Snap on the Burnet Moth, Haven't got round to counting the spots on mine doubt I shall be full of confusion when I do though!

I am getting through the Sunflower hearts at an alarming (and expensive) rate. Lovely Goldfinch photo!