Wednesday, 23 June 2010

I had just 45 mins out this afternoon, I succumbed to the football ! Well, I can't miss an England match can I.

I went back over to the Tree Nursery and run off pool, the sun was burning hot, and hardly a thing was moving, but I found a couple of butterflies to photograph. Bird wise there, the only ones I heard and saw were a family of calling WRENS, a couple of scolding WHITETHROATS and overhead 4 SWIFTS, plus a family party of SWALLOWS.

On the run off pool, the family of MALLARD swam off into cover, but a MOORHEN with a second brood was quite bold, and allowed some pics. Not one Damselfly was seen - perhaps it was too hot for them ?

Small tortoiseshell and Common Blue Butterflies

Here's the Adult MOORHEN...........
.........and here's one of here just hatched young :-)

This Rabbit looked up to see what was going on, why don't they get hot in that fur coat ?


Derek Faulkner said...


Lots of references to it being hot today. I like you gave up valuable time to endure, suffer, whatever - England scraping into the next round - and to think I gave up nearly two hours sunbathing on the patio for that rubbish. Roll on the Premiership and some decent football again.
Nice photos though.

ShySongbird said...

Football, what football? There was only one match today and that was the record breaking one at Wimbledon which was halted by the light at 59 59 in the last set!!! Absolutely unbelievable. Now that's what I call a match :)

Phew! It was hot today, I couldn't find any butterflies apart from a fleeting glimpse of a Small Tortoiseshell.

Those Moorhen babies are so... erm...beautiful? :)

Anonymous said...

That`s England over with now, till Sunday. So we want more than 45 minutes from you over the next few days, Warren ;-)