Wednesday, 2 June 2010

My first full patch walk for June was delayed for a couple of hours while I carried out a Breeding Bird Survey for the BTO just to the south of my patch. By 08:00hrs I was back on my patch, and the sun had started to burn off the low cloud and mist.

After finding just 31 bird species yesterday, there were plenty of birds to add to the June list, the first being a PHEASANT (32) that called from the Tree Nursery, two more species were quickly added when both MALLARD (33) and MOORHEN (34) were seen on the run off pool just as I leave the Tree Nursery for the pub field, in which the maize crop held very little apart from a few ROOKS.

Migrant Alley had a gaggle of 7 CANADA GEESE (35) on the sheep pasture to add to the June total, and overhead the expected KESTREL (36) was seen. It took a while to find any more new species for the month, but by the time I had walked round the College Grounds BLACKCAP (37), HOUSE MARTIN (38), and MISTLE THRUSH (39) had been found. I checked for the Spotted Flycatchers, but they were nowhere to be seen, but it was a bit late for them to be as showy as they normally are. Also noted, were the first CHIFFCHAFF fledglings, one more for the breeding bird total for my patch.

After a well deserved half way drink, I headed off through the Wet Woods towards the Lakeside Scrub. The CUCKOO (40) was calling constantly whilst I neared the lake, and STOCK DOVE (41) gave its simple song somewhere from the Wet Woods, from where a JAY (42) screeched. Once at the lakeside Scrub I stood and listened to the birds, Blackcaps, SONGTHRUSH, BLACKBIRDS, more Chiffchaff, WHITETHROATS, WRENS, DUNNOCKS, ROBINS, both GREAT and BLUE TIT, as well as CHAFFINCH, GOLDFINCH, and GREENFINCH were all heard singing in the strong sunshine. I moved off to look for the birds not yet on the months list, and found TURTLE DOVE (43) and BULLFINCH (44) easily enough.

Another quick scan over the lake, and a GREY HERON (45) had dropped in whilst I had been walking the scrub, and before leaving for home the first GOLDCREST (46) was heard to sing. On exiting the Wet Woods and coming into the warm sun into Marchants field, a family of NUTHATCH (47) were seen in a large oak tree on the field boundary, and before I had reached the far side of the field a SPARROWHAWK (48) was seen going over with what looked like a Pied Wagtail for breakfast )-: The final addition to the months list was a LESSER WHITETHROAT (49), which flew along the hedgerow at ashes lane and into the Greenhouse Complex.

Despite the lovely bright conditions, I got few photo's. It was one of those days where the subjects wouldn't play ball :-)

I did get a few garden pics though. Below is a Green Viened White Butterfly

Above : is a Small Copper Butterfly, unfortunately not seen in my garden, but in the College Grounds. The Goldfinch below was on my feeders though!


Greenie said...

Warren ,
I thought your June forecast was going to be as bad as the TV ones , but it certainly improved today .
After 2 days working on the new shed , can't wait to get out tomorrow .

Lancashire and Lakeland Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris said...

Good to see you venturing 'off Patch' to do a BBS - sadly had to give mine up and not been able to find another convenient one yet.

Good on yer


Pete Woodruff said...

Another nice 18 birds to your list today then Warren and the weather looks set to continue good.

Keep up the good work.

Jann said...

That white butterfly is so pretty! Love the green veins. Our June weather is off to a shaky start too.

ShySongbird said...

Nice Green Veined White photos.

It looks like you are going to have some good weather for your days off!

Anonymous said...

Yeh, nice Green-veined White pics Warren.

Kerry said...

Lovely shot of that Green-veined white: great lighting on the wings.

kirstallcreatures said...

Lovely pic of the Green Veined White