Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Although there was no fog this morning, it remained overcast and dull, but with little or no wind it still felt warmer than it should for October, something that will be changing overnight if the forecast is right.

I spent three hours out on my patch visit today, at times it was as dull as the weather, with long periods of my walk almost birdless, good job the ROBINS, WRENS and DUNNOCKS were being co-operative!

There were birds to be seen though, and some good ones at that, the continued passage of MEADOW PIPITS and SKYLARKS over Migrant Alley and the Greenhouse Grounds was noted again, the latter habitat also had 2 CHIFFCHAFFS, one in song, plus a GREEN WOODPECKER and a GREY WAGTAIL at the water intake area again, the KESTREL pair were sitting out on the raspberry support poles too.

Two LITTLE OWLS called from the private garden along Ashes lane, and the immature STONECHAT was still on the fenceline as I passed through the Ashes Lane Field to get to the Lakes and Scrubby woods area. It was here that I added another species to the years patch list, not a Duck on the water, as may well be expected, but 3 bright green RING NECKED PARAKEETS (108,60), they sat up in a tree for a few minutes before flying off, I had no camera on me as it was so dull when I left for my walk, a pity as this is one of the species to occur on my patch that I have no photo of  :-(

Ring Necked Parakeets are scarce visitors to my patch, not occurring every year, and only recorded once or twice when they do, looking at my previous records it shows they nearly always turn up in the Autumn/winter months, anyway, they make the year list up to 108 now, just one species below the target I set for the year, but still 5 behind the best year total, that was set in 2010.

After checking the lakes and Scrubby Woods, and finding very little, I walked back to my sky watching seat at Migrant Alley and stayed for an hour, scanning the skies. A few bits and pieces were seen, a Grey wagtail flew over, probably the one from the Greenhouse Grounds, as did a couple of MISTLETHRUSH and a REDWING. Two SWALLOWS flew through, maybe the last this year, and a REED BUNTING called loudly as it flew low over, just the third record of this species this year. Two BUZZARDS were escorted away from the area by a gang of ROOKS, and a SPARROWHAWK circled over the sheep pasture for a while, tracking the 50-60 STARLING that were feeding there.

The only photo's I have left to show are from my garden, taken on Sunday evening when a flock of Long Tailed Tits visited, along with a Chiffchaff, pity it was getting towards dusk though!
Long Tailed Tit
Long Tailed Tit


Marc Heath said...

Iv'e told you before Warren, ALWAYS take the camera. Stick it in a rucksack just in case.

Phil said...

Had a Ring-necked Parakeet down the road from us the other day Warren. A rare sight for West Farleigh.

Warren Baker said...

Guilty as charged :-(

Warren Baker said...

I quite like them, despite their being non native :-)

Lancashire and Lakeland Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris said...

5 behind the record so go on then what are the six you're expecting/hoping for? Won't hold you to them ;-)



Warren Baker said...

I could get a Black Redstart or Ring ouzel still this Autumn - but unlikely. Also Green Sandpiper over the winter might be a possible.

A Little Grebe on the lakes perhaps? or a duck species, Shoveler or Pochard are sometimes visitors.

A Firecrest isn't totally out of the question, but all these species are very scarce on my patch!