Monday, 28 October 2013

There was heavy rain and gales during the night, but it dawned bright and partly sunny, although the wind was still strong and gusty at times.

It was the wind that made for a very frustrating visit, nothing could be heard above the roar of it through the trees, and most birds seemed to be hunkered down and keeping out of sight. My visit to the lakes was only noteworthy for the presence of the KINGFISHER and the absence of the Mute Swans that had been here for the previous 6 days.

I watched a couple of male BULLFINCH in their favoured Hawthorn bush, where I was fortunate to pick up a GOLDCREST deeper in. Apart from that there was nothing to see!

I tried my luck over at the Ashes lane Field, then the Pub Field, but it was very hard work in the constantly blowing wind, I fleetingly heard SKYLARK, MEADOW PIPIT and PIED WAGTAIL, their calls being drowned out by the wind, a BUZZARD flew low over, being chased by 3 JACKDAWS.

I had half decided to call it a day, but thought i'd have a sky watch over Migrant Alley, just in case something different got blown through, not much was in the air at all, a few immature HERRING GULLS went over, and a KESTREL was being harassed by some ROOKS, but then, in amongst a flock of 11 BLACK HEADED GULLS, I picked out a single COMMON GULL (76) my first of the Autumn, not seen one since April, so it was worth the sky watching effort after all  :-)

The Common Gull takes the months list to 76, just one behind the October record tally set in 2010, if this weather calms down I might just have a chance to beat that record !

This afternoon it remained windy, with some squally showers, but some sunny intervals allowed me to get some photo's from my garden feeders to fill the ''blog folder'' up, should keep the posts brightened for a few days!

Here's a GREAT SPOTTED WOODPECKER and DUNNOCK to kick off with  :-)
Great Spotted Woodpecker - the fat logs always bring them in  :-)
Managed to mess this shot up by chopping its tail off - Duh!
This Dunnock was sunning itself on the wall that's on two sides of my garden


Marc Heath said...

Lovely lighting on the Dunnock Warren. That was some wind last night but nothing blown in yet our way.

anthony miners said...

Super GSW images great close up shots.

Warren Baker said...

Hi Marc,
I thought I might just get something special drop in after that storm, but not to be :-(

Warren Baker said...

Cheers Anthony :-)

Ken. said...

Sorry, should have read your blog before contacting you on facebook. Nice bird pics.

Pete Woodruff said...

Good to see you suffered no personal/property damage after what we're seeing on the television about yesterdays storm in the south Warren.

Lancashire and Lakeland Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris said...

I see MH has had the Pallid Swifts I promised you! Close but not close enough eh - keep looking up.



Dean Stables said...

Cracking pics as always, Warren. Fingers crossed you can add another 2 species to your October tally.