Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Overnight rain ceased before dawn, but the morning commenced very dark, dull and damp, something i'll have to get used to now we are half way through Autumn!

I made a 3 hour patch visit early on, and had a ninety minute visit this afternoon, the most obvious birds were the SWALLOWS and HOUSE MARTINS that were passing through, many hundreds of each headed south, and at times scores of them fed low over the sheep pasture at Migrant Alley and around the Greenhouse Grounds, this went on from around 09:00hrs to 15:30hrs at least. Of course, this attracted the attention of the local SPARROWHAWK pair and both were seen actively hunting, a BUZZARD was also seen soaring over the Greenhouses, but there was no sign of the Kestrel pair today.

The only other summer birds left on my patch are the CHIFFCHAFFS, 7 were seen or heard at various locations, including one in my garden. I was also on the lookout for those species not yet on the October list, and some of the regulars that were missed yesterday turned up this morning, the first was a flyover HERRING GULL (45) seen over the Lake area, I also found a TREECREEPER (46) in the Wet Woods, while a GREY WAGTAIL (47) was reported to me by a reliable source, an immature bird appearing in his garden that is just 100m from mine (thanks John). I was very pleased when I found 2 YELLOWHAMMERS (48) at the Greenhouse Grounds on my afternoon visit, these are the first seen since Aug. 14th, the last new addition to Octobers list was LONG TAILED TIT (49) a cheery chirruping band of at least 8 birds were working the hedgerow along Ashes lane  :-)

Other notable species seen during my visits today were 3 SKYLARK at Migrant Alley, a SISKIN that flew over the Ashes lane Field, a GREY HERON on the Small Lake, and a few MEADOW PIPITS that went over singly on occasions, far fewer of them are about than on recent visits though.

The camera stayed at home today, no chance of photo's in the dark conditions, all I have left in my 'blog folder' are these STARLING shots I took last week.
Immature Starling
Immature Starling
Immature Starling

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